Cats hate water…proper? Tissy the Maine Coon is dispelling this idea.

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Like tigers, her wild cousins, Tissy loves a just right swim. She’s one of the cat breeds who don’t thoughts a dip. In line with Pawsome Cats, the checklist of water-loving cat breeds is strangely lengthy: Bengal, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Abyssinian, Savannah, Snowshoe, Manx, and the Maine Coon.

Tissy is a Maine Coon which means that along with her delight in water, her frame dimension is greater than reasonable and her intelligence stage is phenomenally top. Maine Coons also are lively and require a whole lot of play and workout.

A couple of laps across the circle of relatives pool supplies the task a cat like Tissy wishes.

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Tissy is living in Brady’s Bend, PA, no longer a long way from Pittsburgh. She’s been a member of the Herr circle of relatives since her folks discovered her as a nervous kitten out of doors the Butler County Fairgrounds. At a few yr previous, Tissy took her first dip.

Gazing her human sister, Taylee, enjoying the in pool, Tissy’s interest saved rising.

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Taylee and Tissy’s dad, Sonny instructed TribLive, “I believed she sought after to enter the pool. It used to be a herbal factor for Tissy.”

Sonny used to be proper. Tissy took proper to the water, swimming over to her sister for some amusing!

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“They’re two peas in a pod, and Tissy is Taylee’s sidekick,” mentioned happy mama Jennifer.

Of swimming together with her ginger sister, Taylee mentioned, “She makes me satisfied.”

Us too, Taylee!

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Nonetheless Swimming

Now, Tissy is 5 years previous and nonetheless loves a just right swim.

Jennifer helps to keep an in depth eye at the youngsters whilst they swim. “We put the floatie on Tissy after a couple of mins of swimming as a result of I’m no longer certain how lengthy a cat can swim, and I don’t need her to overexert herself.”

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A very good thought as holding youngsters, human and bushy alike, protected round water is an absolute will have to. Tissy loves to put on her floatie as a result of she will get to play longer with Taylee and their brother, Traeh.

Protective Tissy comes naturally to Jennifer and the remainder of the circle of relatives, “She’s our child.”

After pool amusing, Tissy snuggles up in a fluffy towel and has a snack.

Summer season to Iciness, Amusing Abounds

Despite the fact that the elements has became frightful for swimming, Tissy nonetheless reveals pleasure in a heat bubble tub and celebrating the vacations together with her circle of relatives.

She says Glad Meow-lidays!

Water Kitty/Facebook

H/T: TribLive
Characteristic Symbol: Water Kitty/Facebook


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