Cats like to have vertical area, and your kitten isn’t any exception. Now not handiest does a cat tree give your kitten an appropriate place to scratch and climb, a cat tree additionally supplies your cat with the exercise she wishes and a herbal alternative to groom her personal claws. A cat tree too can help stop your cat from scratching your furniture.

On the other hand, with the intention to make your kitten’s cat tree revel in a excellent one, you wish to have to take a couple of essential issues into consideration.

1. Search for a cat tree with a large base

A cat popping out a cat tree.

A cat coming out a cat tree. Images © lisegagne | iStock / Getty Photographs Plus.

First, the bottom of your cat tree must be robust sufficient to stay it from tipping over or wobbling when your kitten climbs on it. If it does fall over, your kitten definitely gained’t wish to use it anymore; worse, she may well be significantly injured. Even if even the most cost effective cat condos may do for a tiny kitten, plan forward: your cat will weigh anyplace between 7 and 20 kilos (relying on breed) when she’s fully grown, so ensure your submit has a large and durable base.

2. Search for a cat tower with other ranges

Make sure that your cat tree has a lot of scratching surfaces and sitting or napping spaces on other ranges. Grasp toys from the cat tree to make it much more tempting.

3. Catnip makes a cat tree extra engaging

In case your kitten reacts to catnip, you’ll get her within the cat tree by means of sprinkling some catnip at the base and in a few the perches.

4. A excellent cat tower isn’t affordable!

You’ll be able to be expecting to pay reasonably a little of cash for a well-made cat tree. Top quality cat furnishings retails for anyplace between $100 and $600 US (and extra!).

5. You’ll be able to construct you personal cat tree

You probably have extra time and DIY talents than cash, there are a few superb internet sites that supply knowledge on construction your personal cat tower. Thrift y Fun has directions on how you can construct a cat tree, and this submit at the Toolcrib blog has hyperlinks to 20 internet sites that supply loose cat furnishings plans.

Let us know: Have you ever ever constructed your personal cat tower? What sort of mountaineering and scratching floor does your kitty like?

This piece used to be firstly revealed in 2010. 

Thumbnail: Images © anurakpong | iStock / Getty Photographs Plus.

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