Tigers are living as solitary hunters in jungles. Lions are living in prides in grasslands. However what about our home cats? Are they loners like tigers or social like lions? Sure and sure, and no and no — relying at the cat and the placement, mavens say. We talked to a couple of the ones execs to take a look at to reply to the age-old questions: Do cats get lonely? And do cats want different cats?

Do cats get lonely? Or are they happier in single-cat families?

A tabby cat wanting to be a lone or looking embarrassed.

Do cats get lonely or are they superb flying solo? Images through ivanolianto/Thinkstock.

Step one in answering, “Do cats get lonely?” is understanding that home cats are solitary in the case of hunting and consuming. Canines will have a name for being extra social, however this is handiest as a result of they hunt in packs. No longer so with cats, who don’t like consuming too shut to one another. Many fogeys in multi-cat families put their kitties’ meals bowls subsequent to one another, however it is a mistake, says Marilyn Krieger, a licensed cat-behavior advisor within the San Francisco Bay space. “Cats must consume, so they’ll, however they’re now not more than happy. It’s just a little irritating,” says Krieger, who’s often referred to as The Cat Coach.

Out of doors of mealtime, despite the fact that, maximum cats have social wishes. Whilst some cats hate their very own type and will have to be the family’s handiest puppy, feral cats shape colonies, and plenty of puppy cats befriend every different.

“They’ve a number of complicated social and cooperative behaviors corresponding to taking good care of every different’s younger,” says Dr. Leticia M.S. Dantas, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., a school member on the Athens-based University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine Service, and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, says about feral cats. “The confusion comes from the truth that strangers are normally now not welcomed. The gang is normally shaped through a circle of relatives line — a queen and a few of her muddle that selected to not go away, now not rookies.”

And what about puppy cats? Do cats get lonely after they’re the one cat within the family? “Home cats are a social species,” Dr. Dantas says. “Sure, you’ll have cats which can be friends as a result of they in reality like every different and now not as a result of they need to be,” Krieger says.

Nonetheless, cats are in a position to live on as solo creatures, Krieger says, even though that isn’t their choice. And grownup kitties have a territorial nature.

The solution to “Do cats get lonely?” is most probably sure — in the event that they’re kittens.

That territorial nature doesn’t normally kick in till maturity. Kittens crave playmates, they usually particularly bond with their littermates. However even though you undertake kittens from separate litters, they’ll most probably develop into immediate besties.

“For many kittens, the way in which they be informed social talents is through interacting and enjoying with every different,” Krieger says. “Maximum kittens do fairly smartly in combination.”

Nonetheless, despite the fact that kittens have a tendency to be extra socially versatile, “simply with any species, some persons are born now not being at ease round strangers,” Dantas cautions.

Matching your cat to a 2nd cat

Do you may have a cat-hating cat who will have to be through herself (a state of affairs that may consequence from a kitty that were given separated from her littermates at an early age) or a lonely cat who needs a good friend? It might be tough to inform, as your cat could be clingy and needy with her human however now not essentially do smartly with another cat round her, Krieger says. It is helping to understand the historical past of each cats — the resident and the possible newcomer — if you wish to expect whether or not the 2 gets alongside.

“Having grown up with others isn’t a recipe for good fortune, since cats are people and a few of them merely don’t get alongside,” Dantas says. “Cats who’re playful with different cats, have been socialized to different cats as kittens and during their lives and shouldn’t have scientific signs of fear or anxiety have extra probability of good fortune.”

When opting for a tom cat significant other on your cat, search for one that may be a equivalent age, and due to this fact has a equivalent power degree. In case you have an older cat, a kitten will torment and pester him with manic power. “The kitten’s task is to be playful and discover their global and assault issues,” Krieger says. “The older cat’s task is to take a snooze.” In case you have an older cat and wish to undertake a kitten, get two kittens in order that they may be able to play with every different and let their older uncle chill out in peace. Differently, search for an older perfect pal on your grownup cat.

Introducing cats

The following query you’ll have when asking, “Do cats get lonely?” is, “How do I introduce two cats?”

“Cats do … shape very shut bonds with every different,” Kreiger explains. “Even grownup cats can develop into shut partners if they’re offered appropriately.”

Introduce cats correctly through retaining them separate to start with, Dantas says. This permits them to get used to one another’s sounds and scents and provides their brains time to expectantly lower the neuroendocrine pressure reaction. Every cat wishes her personal meals dish and muddle space, and sure reports must include introductions, like treats.

Getting a brand new significant other for a grieving cat

Do cats get lonely — after their longtime tom cat significant other passes on? When a cat dies, the loss leaves a void in each your lifestyles and your closing cat’s lifestyles. The query is how quickly cat oldsters — and their resident kitties — must search new companionship. Dantas and Krieger suggest giving your cat (and yourself) time to grieve and stabilize. This will likely take a month or a number of months.

“Cats shape bonds, however they just crave the corporate of the cats they’re bonded with,” Dantas says. “A bond can’t be transferred from one person to any other.”

Krieger additionally discourages bringing in any other cat straight away. Despite the fact that your bereaved cat is lonely; that is irritating on your puppy, as the brand new cat is an alien. “They know this cat isn’t their good friend,” she says. “They scent other, they give the impression of being other and the whole thing about them is other.”

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