Naps are the most efficient. There’s not anything like curling up underneath your favourite blanket with the fan whirring away above whilst the afternoon solar bakes the land. And cats agree.

The one factor tom cats wish to naps is more than likely a snack, however as soon as that deal with is completed, its again to sleep! However why do cats sleep such a lot?

Nature tells them too!

Cats are born hunters, typically stalking their prey in the dead of night of night time, or no less than at nightfall and crack of dawn. So, to be in a position for the hours of utmost looking video games, cats wish to be neatly rested. And far of this leisure happens when people are wide awake.


Whilst they sleep 12 – 16 hours an afternoon, Cat World tells us cats actually sleep in three different ways, “the transient nap, the longer mild sleep, and the deep sleep.”

The snoozing cat is on “radar patrol”, last alert to any sounds or disturbances round them. The sunshine sleep usually lasts round a part hour and makes a cat a bit extra prone to the arena as she isn’t as conscious about her atmosphere. A deep sleep does now not final lengthy for a cat, best “six to seven mins”. Throughout those few moments, you’ll be able to more than likely catch your cat twitching and shivering. Don’t fear, he’s best dreaming of catching mousies!

And when cats nap, they’re simply too lovable to not snap a percent. Particularly when our kitties curl up for naps within the strangest of puts and the silliest of how!

Sleepy cat

Cat Nap Cuties

A tiny salad field and a mattress of leaves make a purrfect snoozing spot. You may wish to test your salad for fur regardless that…


This chonky Ragdoll nearly had without equal hidden nap spot, however its turns out that’s simply an excessive amount of fluff for that tiny hollow!


And who knew Lou Diamond Phillips used to be a first-rate snoozing spot for cats!?! And for the cat who didn’t discover a spot on Mr. Phillips, the cat tree will do.


Taias simply desires to stretch out a bit longer…


Dobby likes to nap dangerously…


A sprawled out snoozer has no worries!


This doesn’t glance at ease, however a cat proves if I will be able to squeeze, I will be able to make ZZZs…


Wait, what?


Oh, baby kitty used to be simply too sleepy to make it all of the means in…


And now and again, kitties smile a bit smile as they dream of a time when the people weren’t of their fur all day!


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