Jack’s cat tree — arrange proper in entrance of the sliding glass door in our front room for simple bird- and human-watching — has observed a lot better days. The carpet at the most sensible stage is naked in a couple of spots, and despite the fact that I vacuum it regularly, it at all times turns out to have a few cat’s value of fur scattered throughout it. But, Jack loves that cat tree and scratches it a couple of instances consistent with day. I believe it an eyesore, however I do know I will have to go away it proper the place it’s, as a result of Jack gravitates towards it as an alternative of the sofa. Any such technique will most likely proceed to offer protection to my sofa. Pam Johnson-Bennett, a licensed cat behaviorist, says that holding an acceptable scratching put up or scratching floor in high-traffic spaces of the home can lend a hand inspire suitable cat scratching behavior.

“It’s a must to supply a scratching put up that meets his wishes,” she says, noting that whilst scratching personal tastes range amongst cats, some scratching put up options attraction to maximum. “You’ll want to have a scratching put up that meets the {qualifications}: interesting texture, tall sufficient, strong and positioned in a just right location.”

The Best possible Scratching Put up for Kittens

A naughty kitten scratching at curtains.

Put money into a scratching put up in order that your kitty doesn’t scratch such things as the curtains! Pictures ©Ztranger | Getty Pictures.

Kittens start to increase their scratching put up personal tastes from a tender age. Whilst maximum cats stretch upward to scratch (equivalent to on a cat tree or put up), some cats like to scratch a horizontal floor like the bottom of a cat tree or a cardboard pad. And whilst many cat timber are coated with carpet, your cat would possibly favor a unique floor, equivalent to cardboard or sisal rope.

“Usually, probably the most interesting texture for cats is sisal,” Johnson-Bennett says. “The tough texture makes it simple for cats to dig their claws in and get an efficient scratch.” 

Don’t concern: In case your kitten begins scratching on an merchandise that you just’d like to stay off-limits — equivalent to furniture like the living room couch — you’ll simply redirect him to a extra suitable merchandise whilst he’s nonetheless finding out scratching behaviors. Position a scratching put up subsequent to the world the place he’s scratching, and make the beside the point house as unappealing as imaginable (block his get right of entry to, or quilt the spot with sticky tape or tinfoil). Reward your kitten when he makes use of the scratching put up, then stay it within reach when he begins the usage of it constantly.

Do that: Cats wish to scratch for a couple of causes. In case your kitten doesn’t have an acceptable outlet like a scratching put up for his scratching behaviors, he’s going to to find every other spot to take action. Steer clear of ugly scratching eventualities by way of accommodating his wishes from the very starting.

The Best possible Scratching Put up for Grownup Cats

A black and white tabby cat scratching a scratching post.

Grownup kitties the usage of scratching posts to mark their territory. Pictures ©w-ings | Getty Pictures.

Whilst scratching serves many purposes for cats, adults use the conduct to mark their territory. “The marks left on an object when the cat rakes his claws vertically create a visible signal for others who cross by way of,” Johnson-Bennett explains. “When the cat scratches an object, he additionally leaves an olfactory mark by means of smell glands within the paw pads. This fashion, will have to every other cat means the scratch mark, he would be capable of acquire data from the pheromones (smell chemical compounds).”

Our pussycat team does a good activity marking their territories on their scratching posts and cat timber, and to inspire that conduct we’ve got 4 scratching posts situated right through the home. Two are in our open-plan dwelling and eating room house, the place the people of the family spend maximum of our time, and two are in the main bedroom, the place the cats spend maximum in their sleeping time. Johnson-Bennett says that technique works absolute best for multi-cat households.

If you have more than one cat, you’ll want a couple of scratching put up,” she explains. “Even if you’ll’t in particular assign a put up to a particular cat, in the event you position the posts in spaces the place the other cats generally tend to spend probably the most time, you might to find they will simply declare the posts on their very own.”

Don’t concern: In the event you to find what appear to be claws close to your cat’s scratching put up, don’t panic. Some of the causes your cat scratches is to stay his claws in just right form, and the act of scratching is helping take away the outer layer of subject material from his claws.

Do that: You’ll be able to lend a hand stay your cat’s claws in just right form by way of trimming them regularly. This might also lend a hand give protection to extra refined materials and fabric in your house from changing into snagged by way of your cat’s claws. Maximum cat professionals, on the other hand, discourage having cats declawed, because the surgical treatment will have painful lasting results. 

The Best possible Scratching Put up for Senior Cats

A black cat scratches a scratching post. Photography by mrtom-uk/istock.

Senior cats want the correct form of scratching put up. Pictures by way of mrtom-uk/istock.

As your cat ages, he nonetheless must scratch to workout his muscle mass and stretch his limbs. For a senior cat, having a scratching put up readily to be had could make it more uncomplicated for him to proceed those wholesome behaviors.

Scratching may also be an emotional liberate to your cat it doesn’t matter what his age, Johnson-Bennett says. “When your cat is concerned, glad, excited or annoyed, he can liberate a few of that built-up emotion by way of scratching. Recall to mind the days you’ve observed your cat scratching on an object after a snooze or while you’ve come house from paintings. You might also have spotted him scratching after an stumble upon with a significant other cat. This emotional liberate thru scratching is wholesome for the cat.”

Don’t concern: As Johnson-Bennett says, don’t be alarmed in case your cat unexpectedly races thru the home to start furiously scratching his put up. As an alternative, be thankful that he prefers his put up on your favourite front room chair.

Do that: As a result of your cat must stretch his muscle mass when he scratches, make sure that the scratching put up is tall sufficient for him to stretch out. Whilst the ones lovely little scratching posts on the puppy retailer would possibly paintings smartly for a tender kitten, your senior cat wishes a tall scratching put up so he can stretch to his complete period. If his put up isn’t tall sufficient, your cat will most likely hunt down a taller position to scratch — together with your material headboard.

Thumbnail: Pictures © marima-design | Thinkstock.

This piece was once firstly printed in 2017. 

Let us know: What kind(s) of scratching put up does your kitty like?

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A lifelong cat proprietor, Stacy N. Hackett writes regularly about cats, cat breeds and a spread of pet-related subjects. The foundation for her writing comes from her 4 cats — Jack, Phillip, Katie and Leroy —and her Cocker Spaniel/Labrador Retriever combine, Maggie.

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