With their unique just right appears and captivating personalities, the fairly uncommon breed referred to as the Highlander is attracting the eye of cat fans. Highlanders are maximum recognized for his or her curled ears and of course brief tails, however their vivid personalities additionally allure nearly somebody. Those cats are pleasant, full of life and concerned within the family actions and goings-on.

Breeder Sarah W. Rhodes of Virginia says it’s no longer unusual for Highlanders to greet their people on the door with toys after they come house or to playfully bat their other folks with a paw as regardless that to mention, “Tag! You’re it!”

“They’ll be your easiest good friend,” Sarah says. “They’ll watch you and be told your habits. They’ll check out that will help you do initiatives. They are able to be skilled to leash stroll. Those are very clever cats. You’ll glance of their eyes and spot the mind firing. To cite one in every of my households, ‘They’re magical, superb.’”

Sue Sweetman, who breeds Highlanders along with her husband, Joe, in Arkansas, has the same opinion that those cats ingratiate themselves into their households very easily. “The Highlander is an overly laid-back cat,” she says. “They’re really easy to coach to play fetch, stroll on leashes or even sit down. They’ve a doglike persona. Maximum Highlanders are very social, like to be the home clown, some even love water (they’re going to sign up for you within the tub in the event that they get the danger) and, in fact, like to be the focal point. They’re additionally an overly kid-friendly breed. If you’ll be able to’t to find your Highlander, the primary position to appear is with the kids. As for different pets — canines, reptiles and birds, they have got been recognized to get along side them really well.”

Sarah tells potential cat oldsters to be expecting an lively — and interactive — kitty. “I’ve a whole lot of catwalks and ranges for mine to run on. And a whole lot of toys,” she says. “Loads of balls for Meowmy to throw and play fetch and catch with. However similar to every other cat, they do like to sleep, in the midst of the mattress, in fact, and get chin rubs and scratches.”

Highlander historical past

At the start referred to as the Highland Lynx, the Highlander breed was once created in 1993 by way of breeder Joe Childers.

“Joe had taken the Barren region Lynx and bred it to the Jungle Curl and voila! We’ve got the Highland Lynx,” Sue says. “The outline of the Highland Lynx was once curled ears, herbal brief tail, and a few have been polydactyl. The purpose to the breeding was once to have that wild glance with a home, fun-loving persona.”

Despite the fact that nonetheless referred to as Highland Lynx within the Uncommon and Unique FelineRegistry, the identify modified in The Global Cat Affiliation (TICA) in order that “lynx” wouldn’t suggest wild blood.

“In past due 2004, Highlander become the identify to spot our cats as a breed of their very own,” Sue says. “The Highlander breeders have labored diligently to coach the general public; with a purpose to result in an consciousness of ways really distinctive those cats are. However most commonly to earn respectability for this breed. After we introduced our stunning cats to TICA they have been referred to as Highland Lynx, however shall we no longer use the phrase “lynx” because of “lynx” which means wild cat, or description in markings. So, the identify Highlander was once permitted at the moment for the identify of our new breed.”

TICA permitted the Highlander as a Initial New Breed in 2008.

Hi there, just right lookin’

Probably the most distinguishing bodily options of those cats are their curled ears and of course happening brief tails. Some Highlander cats are born with regular-length tails, and so they make very good pets — as a result of they have got the similar nice personalities — however they can’t take part in cat presentations.

“The naturally brief tail levels in size from 1 inch to hock size,” Sarah says. “It’s thick and articulated, and from time to time has kinks and curls in it. It additionally has a fats pad on the finish. The Highlander’s tail is a shockingly expressive part of the breed and can wag like a canine from sheer pleasure, and sign its happiness and playfulness.”

highlander cat breed

The Highlander is understood for his curled ears and of course brief tail, however his intelligence and playful nature are what wins lovers over.

The highest 3rd in their unique ears is loosely curled. The ones ears, Sarah says, “are set as a lot at the most sensible of the pinnacle as at the aspect and stand tall and open with just right width on the base.”

Lately, Highlanders are to be had in a couple of colours and patterns, together with solids, tabbies, minks, torties, torbies, issues and smokes. “I had a clutter of 5 with 5 other colours and patterns,” Sarah says. “They can’t, alternatively, have white recognizing, white toes or medallions.”

Sue provides, “The issues Highlanders must no longer have are rosette recognizing, curly fur or tuxedo markings,” she says. “Your Highlander must no longer have white socks both, as this may be a positive signal of a mixture.”

No matter a person Highlander looks as if, without equal end result is similar — a wild-looking external with a pleasant, playful inner. Breeders have labored arduous to succeed in a super steadiness!


A particular glance

highlander kitten

The ears are a few of the distinctive bodily options of the Highlander breed.

The Highlander has an extended, sloping brow and medium to very large eyes formed like a fairly flattened oval set on a bias that take a look at you with nice depth. The nostril is broad with massive nostril leather-based. In combination, the nostril, muzzle and chin supply a boxy glance to the muzzle. The chin itself is deep and powerful. Those options make the pinnacle seem longer than it’s broad. The ears are distinctive: the highest 3rd has a free curl. They’re set as a lot at the most sensible of the pinnacle as at the aspect and stand tall and open with just right width on the base. — Sarah W. Rhodes


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