A blind cat or a visually-impaired cat is frequently observed as unadoptable. Blind cats would possibly glance extraordinary or they could also be observed as an excessive amount of of a burden — and why “waste” precious cage area which may be used for a cat who’s much more likely to discover a house? They and different special-needs cats are frequently the primary to be put to dying at open-admission shelters for that very explanation why.

However the tides are turning. Gwen Cooper’s bestselling memoir, Homer’s Odyssey, captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts everywhere the sector, and organizations like Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary have accomplished nice paintings in elevating consciousness about simply how glorious, and the way “customary,” sightless pussycats are. That stated, there are some particular issues considering taking good care of a blind cat. Listed below are some pointers you’ll use in case your cat is shedding his imaginative and prescient or if you happen to’re fascinated with bringing a blind cat into your circle of relatives.

A happy cat with his eyes closed or blinking.

Blind cats or vision-impaired kitties shouldn’t be lost sight of! Images ©~UserGI15633745 | Thinkstock.

1. Use a blind cat’s different senses to orient her to her house

Cats who can’t see nonetheless have using their different senses. They are able to understand the sector via listening to, odor, style and contact, so make the most of the ones different senses to lend a hand your blind cat to find her approach round.

2. You’ll be able to transfer your furnishings when you have a blind cat

It’s stated that you simply must by no means rearrange your house if you happen to reside with a blind cat. However in step with Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, that’s no longer true: A blind cat can work out the brand new places of things, even supposing they do want a bit overtime to reorient themselves. Stay the vital stuff like muddle bins and meals dishes in the similar puts, even though.

3. In case you select up a blind cat and transfer her, position her someplace she will be able to orient herself

Since blind kitties orient by means of odor and contact, if you wish to have to select your blind cat up and elevate her to every other room, position her close to a muddle field, her meals dishes, her mattress or a spot the place the ground textures trade.

4. Noisy toys are highest for blind cats

Even if blind cats can’t see, they like to play and hunt simply up to some other cat. There are many toys to be had to stimulate a cat’s listening to and sense of odor. Blind cats love crinkly toys and catnip-stuffed kickers. Interactive toys can also be moved and manipulated to make noise, permitting a blind cat to trace his “prey” along with his ears.

5. Let your cat know you’re coming

Blind cats can also be extra simply startled than others, specifically if additionally they occur to be shedding their listening to. Make sure to let your blind cat know you’re coming, and don’t sweep her up off the ground with out an introductory “hi” and a few mild petting.

6. In case your cat is shedding his imaginative and prescient, be affected person with him

Cats frequently react to weak point by means of hiding that weak point, in all probability by means of turning into extra standoffish or aggressive. Others would possibly develop into extra dependent or clingy. Alternatively your cat reacts to his converting imaginative and prescient, be sort and compassionate and believe the way you’d really feel if you happen to have been going via the similar factor. Additionally, communicate in your cat as you’re coming or going with a view to reassure him that you simply’re within reach.

7. Don’t let your blind cat outdoor unsupervised

Even if blind cats navigate their indoor global completely smartly, there’s no level in exposing them to the hazards of out of doors existence. Alternatively, an out of doors enclosure or a walk on a leash, in case your blind kitty is so prone, generally is a glorious spice up to her high quality of existence.

Let us know: Do you could have a blind cat? Do you could have some other pointers for creating a blind cat’s existence more straightforward? Please percentage your ideas and tales about your existence with a blind cat within the feedback.

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This piece used to be at the beginning printed in 2014. 

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