I’ve a 4-year-old indoor Himalayan/tabby combine who has cat dandruff at the again part of the highest of her again. I used to be questioning what could also be the reason for the cat dandruff and what remedy would assist. She has had it since she used to be a kitten, nevertheless it just about simplest turns into glaring after I brush her or take her to the vet. My vet has noticed it prior to, so it is probably not one thing to also be excited by? -Amber

First, what’s cat dandruff?

An orange tabby cat being brushed or groomed by a human.

What’s cat dandruff and is it one thing to fret about? Pictures ©Aksenovko | Thinkstock.

For the reason that veterinary drugs even has a time period to explain freckles in ginger cats — lentigo simplex — it will have to no longer marvel the reader that veterinary drugs has a time period to explain critical dandruff: seborrheic dermatitis. I want to name it dandruff.

Is cat dandruff commonplace? Why does cat dandruff occur?

Sure, cat dandruff is commonplace. It happens maximum often precisely the place you will have described: at the again, nearer to the tail than to the pinnacle. This cat dandruff could also be accompanied by means of greasy hair.

More often than not, dandruff, even if critical, isn’t consultant of a illness. Then again, some pores and skin parasites (specifically one referred to as Demodex) and fungal infections (similar to ringworm) can result in cat dandruff. So can glandular problems similar to hyperthyroidism, allergic reactions to fleas or food, or even critical issues similar to lymphoma. Some cats seem to answer dermatological insults (similar to publicity to chemical irritants) by means of generating dandruff.

What will have to you do about cat dandruff?

To make sure, you probably did the precise factor by means of taking your cat to the vet. I am hoping that she did the fitting assessments to rule out the ones extra critical issues. If she did, it’s secure to mention that your cat has a just right, outdated case of pussycat dandruff. That implies two issues. First, the issue shall be onerous to resolve. 2nd, the issue isn’t an issue and it doesn’t wish to be solved.

Cat dandruff is, in my enjoy, onerous to regard. Some vets have touted good fortune with nutritional dietary supplements similar to omega-Three fatty acids. Others suggest particular shampoos or spot-on remedies (particularly, I’ve noticed some vets suggest Douxo Spot On or Alloderm). A couple of house owners have reported good fortune after converting their cats’ diets.

Then again, most of the people who’ve cats with dandruff finally end up annoyed. In my enjoy, the cat dandruff “drawback” does no longer fortify it doesn’t matter what is finished.

The ultimate on cat dandruff

I put “drawback” in quotes for a reason why. In case your vet has dominated out critical pores and skin illness, and your cat isn’t affected by itching, hair loss or ache, then so far as your cat is worried, there is not any drawback. Cats, in contrast to people, don’t fear about first impressions. They don’t obsess within the replicate.

For the reason that dandruff isn’t bothering your cat, I like to recommend that you just no longer let it trouble you. Why possibility gastrointestinal disenchanted from a vitamin trade, or an hostile response to a shampoo? The issue isn’t truly an issue, so why no longer do not anything? Veterinary drugs has a posh time period for this as smartly: benign forget.

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This piece used to be at first revealed in 2017.

Let us know: Does your cat have dandruff? What are your absolute best guidelines for dealing with cat dandruff?

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