Have you ever ever concept, “Why is my cat all the time hungry?” You’re now not by myself. As a cat mum or dad, you already know {that a} cat who won’t eat for an afternoon or so approach a travel to the vet. However do you know {that a} cat who’s all the time hungry is usually a signal of well being issues, each bodily and mental? Listed here are some solutions to the query, “Why is my cat all the time hungry?”

1. Your cat has worms

Cat covering eyes.

A cat who’s all the time hungry would possibly have roundworms. Images through Katerina Maksymenko | Shutterstock.

Is your cat all the time hungry? Roundworms can imply a cat who’s all the time hungry, for the reason that worms are taking the entire vitamin from his meals earlier than he can get it. Mockingly, a roundworm-infested cat might glance fats, because the parasites purpose his frame to swell.

Roundworms are contagious to people, so if you happen to suspect your cat has them, convey a fecal pattern on your vet to have it examined.

2. Your cat has hyperthyroidism or diabetes

Those sicknesses each purpose a limiteless building up in urge for food: hyperthyroidism does so as a result of your cat’s metabolism is burning too many energy, and diabetes as a result of your cat’s frame can’t convert sugar to power — and the vitamin doesn’t even get into his frame within the first position. In case your cat is all the time hungry, consuming continuously and nonetheless losing weight, and particularly if he’s additionally drinking a lot of water, get him to the vet once imaginable.

3. Your cat is bored or lonely

A fat white cat with a bowl of half-eaten cat food.

A cat who received’t prevent consuming would possibly simply be bored or hungry. Images ©Svetlanais | Thinkstock.

A easy solution to, “Why is my cat all the time hungry?” Similar to people, some cats will devour as a result of they’re bored. The technique to this drawback is to offer your cat with extra stimulation and to prevent leaving kibble out for him to munch on, or free feeding him, all day. If you wish to have a provide of meals to be had, provide it in puzzle toys, which can make your cat paintings for his meal. This may occasionally lend a hand him burn energy and stay his thoughts engaged.

Remember to supply different intellectually-stimulating toys (or possibly even a kitty good friend) to stay his thoughts off his dish. You’ll additionally purchase computerized feeders, which give get right of entry to to a suite quantity of meals at set occasions of day.

4. Your cat is depressed

Is your cat all the time hungry? As in people, overeating is usually a self-soothing habits for cats who are depressed or grieving. I’ve observed this occur: I as soon as met a pair who had a cat they’d exiled to the basement after their child used to be born. In reaction, the cat began consuming to self-soothe, and the outcome used to be extremely unhappy.

In case your cat is depressed, check out drawing him out of his shell with delicate interactive play. Give him “love blinks” — shut your eyes slowly, go away them closed for a 2nd, after which open them slowly, whilst considering “I really like you.”

5. Your cat’s meals isn’t assembly his dietary wishes

You know the way while you devour speedy meals, you’re generally hungry an hour later regardless of how a lot you ate? Unsurprisingly, some other solution to, “Why is my cat all the time hungry?” is that poor-quality cat meals may have the similar impact in your cat. And prefer an individual who eats a large number of speedy meals or who can handiest come up with the money for starchy meals, your cat will devour and devour as a result of he can’t fulfill the real starvation (for vitamins) on the root of his want to devour.

Some other factor to bear in mind when questioning, “Why is my cat all the time hungry?”

Cats’ stomachs are extraordinarily small: a few tablespoons of canned or uncooked meals or (now not and) a 3rd of a cup of kibble in step with feeding is set all a cat wishes to stick are compatible and wholesome. In fact, in case your cat is a 20-pound Maine Coon, he’ll want much more meals than a petite Singapura, so be sure you paintings along with your vet to determine probably the most suitable quantity to feed your pussycat good friend.

Let us know: Is your cat all the time hungry? How did you resolve the problem?

This piece used to be firstly printed in 2015.

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