A interesting Study about Cats is conducted by researchers in  University of Utrecht about why cats love boxes and look comfortable in boxes .

In their latest research they put out to determine if boxes might help Lighten anxiety in Shelter cats. They worked with a dutch animal Shelter  and put 19 cats into an experiment giving 10 cats boxes and leaving 9 without boxes . As study go further they concluded the results that 10 cats with boxes recovered completely and 9 cats without boxes couldn’t recovered.

Cats are the sensitive animal on world they can be stressed out quickly and it could be bad for their health so if any one wants to keep their cats happy can look for sudden changes in their behavior and could offer them a box A place where they can feel safe and a box could help them to recover.

A conclusion was made by researchers that a box could help cats to be in a safe place where they can spend a considerably safe time which can help them to recover fast from a stress mood .

This was a great discovery for shelter recovery organizations and volunteers to recover a cat from an ordinary thing as box . This study can help thousands for cats to recover fast from their stress level and help out  many cats around world to be recover by a box .



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