When Nathan Kehn from Los Angeles got here house after feeding native stray cats, he heard a tiny meow coming from his yard.

To his marvel, 3 little feral kittens and their cat mom had wandered in, and so they wanted assist.


The kittens had eye infections, had been lined in fleas and really hungry. Nathan briefly grabbed some meals and treats and arrange a brief feeding station within the backyard for the mum cat.

With assist from Ashley, an area rescuer, they had been in a position to get two of kittens to protection, however the 3rd one used to be slightly of a problem. He saved taking flight again to his hiding spot and refused to return out.

Nikki Martinez, a rescuer primarily based in Las Vegas, used to be in Southern California when she used to be contacted concerning the kittens. She went on Instagram and put the phrase out that assist used to be wanted. In an instant, many contributors of the group stepped as much as assist.

Nathan Kehn

After no luck in trapping the kitten, Ursula, Christina and Jackson went on a challenge to seek out the rest kitty. They looked for over an hour and in any case were given him.

“They had been critical existence savers doing the entire bodily sides of the rescue that I used to be bodily not able to do,” Ashley mentioned.


Watch the rescue on this video:

Ashley transported the 3 kittens to Nikki so she may just carry them house to foster. Nikki’s 4-year-old nephew lovingly named them Bompie, Sardu and Sprinkleboat.

The pussycat brothers had been slightly scared after the ordeal but if they got a complete plate of meals, they perked up and scarfed it down like there used to be no the next day.

Nikki Martinez

After a number of baths and a large number of TLC, the kittens had been flea loose and started to loosen up. “They briefly learned that individuals had been just right to be round and so they warmed as much as me lovely rapid,” Nikki added.

That night time, they slept soundly on their cushy, at ease blankets with complete bellies and peace of thoughts.

Nikki Martinez

Whilst the kittens had been settling of their foster house, the group had begun their plan to get the mama cat and different grownup cats locally spayed/neutered.

“A plan used to be arranged to get them at this location TNR’d, to assist get one step nearer of lowering the overpopulation and struggling of kittens in LA,” Ashley wrote.

Nikki Martinez

A couple of days later, they discovered the cat mom and had her spayed, vaccinated and handled for fleas.

“They trapped no longer simplest the mama cat, but in addition her two male suitors,” Nikki mentioned. “She used to be returned to the yard so she will be able to reside out her existence with out ever having young children once more.”


Nathan endured to offer meals and water day-to-day for the cats that had discovered a house in his backyard.

The 3 kittens are thriving in foster care. “They love toys and appear to be enjoying continuous.”

Nikki Martinez

One among them is moderately the nature.

“Sprinkleboat is the wild kid of the bunch. He’s going to want to be followed into a house this is able for a loopy playful kitten,” Nikki instructed Love Meow.

Nikki Martinez

Participants of the group proceed their TNR challenge in North Hills, Los Angeles.

“Should you to find kittens and come to a decision to carry them inside of to protection, it is so necessary that the mum is trapped and spayed to forestall the cycle,” Nikki added.

Nikki Martinez

“With over 3 million cats struggling at the streets of Los Angeles, the issue is actual and it is large,” Nikki mentioned. “Name your native safe haven or rescue, ask to borrow traps and convey them in to the neuter medical institution.”

Child Bompie simply came upon his purr-motor as of late, and he can not quit purring.

Nikki Martinez

Practice updates at the kitties on Nikki’s Facebook and Instagram.

Satisfied and beloved!

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