What do you get while you combine a splash of doll-like Persian and a pinch of the petite Munchkin? None instead of the Minuet — a baby-faced pussycat who’s each and every bit as candy as her saccharine seems suggest.

The title sport

The breed isn’t named after the chic, French-bred dance that swept Eu ballrooms within the 18th century. Somewhat, she earned her posh moniker from famend emperor Napoleon ‘Minuet’ Bonaparte! Why? They’re each recognized for being distinctively quick! The Minuet was once in the beginning referred to as the Napoleon Cat; on the other hand, The International Cat Association (TICA) elected to switch the title to Minuet in 2015. The Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF) nonetheless refers back to the Minuet because the Napoleon Cat.

All American

The Minuet was once evolved in the US by way of Basset Hound breeder Joe Smith, of Blueline Cattery. Smith was once fascinated with the Munchkin cat and her genetics, so in 1996, he started crossing the Munchkin with the Persian. It was once Smith’s hope that he may just create a breed with common attraction — and he did! In 2001, Smith registered the Minuet with TICA as an Experimental Breed; by way of 2002, the Minuet were bumped to Registration Simplest standing and has now reached Champion standing.

Coat test

Whilst many breeds are available a handful of hues, the Minuet is available in each and every colour and trend of the rainbow. Even higher, her coat can also be lengthy or quick, so the differences are never-ending for her lush, soft-to-the-touch mane.

Roly poly

Medium in measurement, with a low-slung shape that mimics that of a Dachshund, the Minuet carries herself regally upon her quick legs. Her head, muzzle and cheeks are completely spherical, giving her a real little one vibe, whilst quick, rounded ears give a contribution to her general round aesthetic.

Photograph: Yetsu Yamazaki

As candy as she seems

Affectionate, good-natured, adorable and being concerned, the Minuet is the pièce de résistance! She lives to like and can sprinkle that love upon her people each and every probability she will get. Till she we could her interest get the most productive of her, this is. She would possibly glance as blameless as can also be, however that innocence is laced with inquisitiveness.


The Minuet has an vigorous spirit, so she hardly passes up the danger to climb or bounce. However her true forté is working. Even though her legs could also be itty bitty, she is one mighty pussycat when she desires to transport, taking corners at breakneck velocity and similar to a hairy race automobile as she zooms round the home!

Amusing Reality: With a purpose to succeed in the ones doll-like seems,  Joe Smith in fact used a doll-faced Persian,
versus a contemporary Persian. Doll-faced Persians have a perma-sweet  expression and longer nostril than their fashionable opposite numbers!

Leg courses

Minuets don’t all the time have quick legs. The dominant gene in Minuet breeding is for brief legs; on the other hand, all short-legged cats elevate the recessive gene for lengthy legs. To ensure that a Minuet to have quick legs, a minimum of considered one of her folks will have to have quick legs. With that sentiment in thoughts, an ordinary Minuet is one that has quick legs, while the non-standard Minuet is her long-legged counterpart. Irrespective of leg period, they nonetheless percentage the similar lovely seems and persona.

Circle of relatives pussycat

Human-oriented and bursting with love, the Minuet makes absolutely the very best cat for a mix of households — from younger {couples} to these simply including young children to their brood. She adores being cuddled, snuggled, carried and puppy, so households with mild kids are a favourite. However don’t fear — she’s no longer one to discriminate towards singletons. So long as you’re showering her with love and affection, you’re a famous person in her eyes!


The Minuet loves her other people, however she received’t call for your time. A self-starter who is aware of how you can entertain herself, the Minuet will meet you on the entrance door while you go back house from paintings and practice you from room to room to turn how a lot she cares. That mentioned, she isn’t antagonistic to trotting away and taking part in on her personal (or with every other circle of relatives puppy) every now and then.

Dependable and loving

The Minuet is fiercely faithful and can keep dependable to her most well-liked individual till the tip of time. Imagine her your sassy soulmate.

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