If a cat with mystique is what you search, you then really can’t glance additional than the Russian Blue cat. Shrouded in a cloud of puzzle, the blue-hued good looks has a historical past based totally only on legend — without a confirmed information referring to her origins.

1. How the Russian Blue got here to be

A Russian Blue cat.

A Russian Blue cat. Pictures through Tetsu Yamazaki.

In a single little bit of Russian Blue lore, it’s mentioned that the breed is a descendant of the royal pussycats saved through the Russian tsars. Opposite to that a laugh splash of folklore is the rumor that the Russian Blue cat in reality originated on Northern Russia’s Archangel Isles (giving the breed the nickname Archangel Cat), the place the breed was once picked up through sailors within the 1800s and delivered to Europe. And in step with folklore, the Russian Blue is claimed to deliver no longer simply excellent good fortune however therapeutic talents, too!

2. Give us a grin

The Russian Blue has a naturally upturned mouth that has garnered her comparisons to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

3. Are Russian Blue cats really blue or grey?

Oh, she’s blue all proper — with a silver forged that electrifies this pussycat! A diluted model of the gene liable for black hair is what produces the silvery coat observed at the Russian Blue. However that’s no longer the one factor that helps to keep her in a category of her personal: Her vivid inexperienced eyes, silky-to-the-touch double-layered coat and lithe frame make her one among a type.

4. Fastidious pussycat

Although no longer technically a high-maintenance housemate, the Russian Blue could be very specific about hygiene in the toilet, so stay her muddle field spotless!

5. Russian Blue cats are in most cases quiet

A Russian Blue cat is shy and reserved till she thinks you’re worthy of her presence. Although delicate and quiet in nature, the Russian Blue has a cushy spot for prime puts, the place she will be able to other people look ahead to hours till she will get a really feel to your persona. Visitors may well be neglected, however members of the family obtain all the loyalty. And in case you’re her No. 1, she’ll shadow you favor loopy or even hitch a journey in your shoulder every so often. Even higher? She’s an impartial kitty, so she doesn’t thoughts putting at house through herself, making her the very best breed for operating singles!

6. Love is throughout

A Russian Blue cat.

A Russian Blue cat. Pictures through Tetsu Yamazaki.

In the event you’re her favourite human, be able for nonstop love, as a result of she is all about you, you and extra you. Feeling out of varieties? She’ll stick through your facet, operating her therapeutic talents on you till you’re up and at ’em once more! Prepping dinner? She’ll sit back through your facet, performing as style tester. Binge-watching a brand new TV display? She’ll curl up through your facet — simply have a comb at hand, as she loves being brushed whilst looking at the tube!

7. The Russian Blue cat strikes gracefully

The Russian Blue strikes with the similar form of lithe grace as a Russian ballerina, so you’ll be able to be expecting to peer her dancing in the course of the hallways of your humble homestead every time she feels the urge — day or evening.

8. Stay on time table

She is also versatile in relation to motion, however the Russian Blue is a creature of addiction after we’re speaking day-to-day actions. Foods will have to arrive on time, and her setting will have to stay each quiet and strong. Call to mind her as a bushy alarm clock.

9. Russian Blue cats aren’t hypoallergenic

Whilst the Russian Blue sheds much less often and produces a decrease stage of the Fel d 1 protein than different breeds, she nonetheless produces dander, making her a kitty who gained’t remedy your allergic reaction problems.

Bonus Truth:

The Russian Blue was once as soon as nicknamed the “Doberman Pinscher of Cats” through a pass judgement on at a cat display because of the breed’s lengthy, muscular frame, which manages to be each sublime and athletic.

Thumbnail: Pictures through Tetsu Yamazaki.

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