With an extended, silky, shimmering coat, the Nebelung is an epic cat in additional techniques than one. The uncommon breed’s romantic identify comes from a mythical poem of affection, hate and vengeance — the Nibelungenlied — that dates to medieval Germany. The 19th-century composer Richard Wagner grew to become the story right into a four-part opera referred to as The Ring cycle.

What’s it love to reside with a Nebelung?

A Nebelung being held.

What’s it love to reside with a Nebelung? Pictures ©Casey Christopher.

However by no means worry: The Nebelung received’t wreak havoc for your existence. The cats with stunning blue coats are faithful and affectionate to members of the family, whom they like over all others. The delicate cats are in all probability to approve a quiet house with empty nesters or individuals who have a tranquil way of life. Households with younger or exuberant youngsters will have to wait to get the sort of cats.

Nebelungs revel in sitting in a lap or following their people to oversee no matter they’re doing. They may be able to turn into pleasant with different cats or canines within the family. Nebelungs are playful and good, however their mild-mannered nature makes them simple to reside with. Nevertheless, the Nebelung will keep in touch obviously about any flaws within the care you supply, reminiscent of now not serving foods on time or letting the clutter field get to a nasty state.

A Nebelung’s strange options

The Nebelung has what’s referred to as a “overseas” frame: lengthy and slim with a wedge-shaped head, wide-set eyes of sensible inexperienced, massive ears and a plumed tail. Past the affiliation with the Nibelungenlied, the identify Nebelung arises from the German phrase nebel, that means mist or fog. It’s an apt description of the cats, who seem like mystical creatures from a fairy story.

The cats have been supposed to resemble the long-haired cats imported to England within the early 19th century. The ones cats will have come from Russia, so it’s no marvel that the Russian Blue performed crucial position within the breed’s construction.

The Nebelung’s quick historical past

Nebelung full length.

Nebelung complete size. Pictures ©Tierfotoagentur | Alamy Inventory Picture.

In case you have a cat with a medium-length silvery grey coat, it’s possible you’ll ponder whether your particular significant other is secretly a Nebelung, however breed mavens say that’s not likely. Nebelungs are somewhat new to the arena of pedigreed cats, and the choice of breeders all over the arena is 50, give or take a couple of. Best a kind of lives in North The us.

The cats have been created by means of a breeder named Cora Cobb in Denver, Colorado. Beginning with a black home shorthair and a black home longhair, she produced two kittens that stood out from the others of their litters. One used to be a long-haired blue male named Siegfried, born in 1984. The opposite, from a 2nd clutter in 1985, used to be a longhaired blue feminine named Brunhilde. Cobb bred them in 1986 and the next yr requested The World Cat Affiliation to grant the cats standing as a brand new breed. The cats have been allowed to outcross to Russian Blues, a few of which carried the gene for lengthy hair. This helped to verify the Nebelung’s genetic variety. Via 1997, TICA granted the Nebelung complete reputation as a breed. Different registries that acknowledge the breed come with the American Cat Fanciers Affiliation and the Global Cat Federation.

Nebelung info

  1. Nebelungs love their very own other people, however they are able to be reserved or even shy with other people they don’t know. Don’t power consideration on them, or permit youngsters to, and so they might come to be your good friend — in time. Much more likely, although, this tom cat introvert will head to her protected house when visitors consult with the house, although she has met them prior to now.
  2. It may well take as much as two years for the dense, medium-length coat to succeed in its complete glory. The blue hairs are tipped with silver, giving the fur a shimmery look. With that attractiveness comes a lot of upkeep. Nebelungs shed and require day by day combing and combing to forestall mats.
  3. A medium-sized cat, the Nebelung is robust and well-muscled, weighing from five to 16 kilos.
  4. The breed has no recognized genetic well being issues and generally has a longevity span of 15 years or extra.

Thumbnail: Pictures ©Tierfotoagentur | Alamy Inventory Picture.

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