Legend has it that the Cymric and its short-haired cousin, the Manx, misplaced their tails once they strolled onto Noah’s ark past due one night time because the rain began falling. Noah, after all, was once in a rush, and as he rushed to seal up the ark, the cats’ tails had been stuck via the door.

Much more likely, the trademark loss of tail shared via the Cymric and the Manx may also be attributed to a genetic mutation that brought about the trait. For the reason that cats had been remoted on their local Isle of Guy, the trait was once handed all the way down to next generations.

Do you know? Cymric is pronounced kim-rick.

The Isle of Guy is positioned within the Irish Sea no longer a long way from England or Eire, and the tailless cats made their technique to the UK the place the short-haired selection (the Manx) become some of the first breeds proven within the cat fancy. Within the mid-1970s, a number of breeders started to completely breed the long-haired tailless cats that once in a while arrived in litters, and via 1976 the Cymric was once permitted for championship standing via the Canadian Cat Affiliation. As of late the breed enjoys championship standing in maximum main cat associations.

Rumpies, stumpies and risers

It’s no longer onerous to peer why the Cymric wins over cat-loving lovers, each within the cat fancy and in circle of relatives properties. The sturdy, compact frame blended with an arched again provides the cat an general look of roundness. “No different cat within the cat fancy has the combo of heavy frame, dense coat, sturdy head and ear set inside of this kind of compact package deal,” says Catherine Roso, a breeder in Alaska. “Some other people name them bowling balls with smiles.”

And naturally, there’s the subject of the Cymric’s tail — or lack thereof. The cat’s tail can come in different lengths, which breeders check with via the next nicknames:

Rumpy: totally tailless, with out a detectable tail protrusion

Stumpy: small stump of a tail

Rumpy riser: small tail that can get up when the cat’s rump is stroked

The Cymric additionally may have a part tail or complete tail, and will are available in each and every mixture of colour and trend except for pointed patterns. The duration of the cat’s coat is what units the Cymric except for its Manx cousin. Catherine explains that the Cymric’s fur can vary in duration from “reasonably shaggy” quick hair (½ inch in duration) to fur like that of a Siberian (2½ inches in duration). “Display-quality Cymric have a semi-longhaired double coat, ¾ to 1½ inches lengthy with a shorter, softer undercoat,” she provides.

Common grooming helps to keep the Cymric having a look his best possible. Catherine recommends brushing the cat at least one time every week. For Cymrics with longer coats, extra common brushing could also be important, anyplace from two to 5 instances every week. Be aware of the realm across the rump, because the loss of tail can lead to a grimy bottom. After all, Catherine recommends petting the cat steadily to lend a hand take away unfastened hair.


Photograph: Preston Smith Pictures

Easy grace

Possibly the Cymric will welcome the petting (and most definitely the brushing). “Cymrics make it transparent that they’re all about other people,” Catherine says. “My cats will apply me anyplace, together with out the door to shovel snow!”

The breed stocks its affection with all family members, together with different pets and guests to the home. Catherine describes the Cymric as pleasant, dependable and faithful. The cat will meet you on the door, bounce up for your lap once you take a seat down, and rub towards you as you attempt to learn the paper or paintings to your pc. Don’t be shocked if the Cymric tries to snuggle with you below the covers as neatly!

Whilst snuggling tops the listing of his favourite actions, the Cymric additionally likes to play. The cat’s sturdy legs reinforce his love of leaping and hiking — and racing thru the home. Get two or extra Cymrics in combination in a single room, and you may even see them tearing down halls and round corners, their coats flowing in the back of them.

Photograph: Tetsu Yamazaki

The clever cats might paintings in combination to open doorways and examine different mysteries in the home, as their interest leads them to be informed each and every corner and cranny of their environments. Nonetheless, this exploration infrequently leads the breed into bother.

When playtime is over, the Cymric will fortuitously go back to quiet time along with his members of the family. To let their other people comprehend it’s time to snuggle, the cat might softly meow or trill, however general, the breed is at the quiet facet. The Cymric’s mild voice displays his general candy, mild persona.

Stunning, sturdy and candy, the breed makes a ravishing addition to any house. Catherine sums up the Cymric this fashion: “Endearing to have a look at, captivating to carry and a excitement to possess.”


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