Cats proceed to marvel the arena with the friendships they make. As an example, simply whilst you assume cats and birds are enemies, an not going friendship is proving an exception to what turns out like a herbal rule. Whilst the bond wasn’t love in the beginning sight, extra like dinner in the beginning sniff, a black cat and magpie have triumph over intuition to turn into partners.

Fur and feather dad, Matt Owens, didn’t got down to upload a magpie to his family. He already had a ruler of the roost in place of dwelling, a black cat named Mowgli. The home panther had no selection however to just accept a feathered housemate when Matt discovered an injured magpie at the aspect of an Auckland, New Zealand, roadway.


In an interview with Newshub, Matt stated, “It was once simply sitting there bleeding, kind of not able to stroll correctly and it regarded adore it have been deserted through its mum so I simply picked it up and made up our minds to take it house.”

Matt’s neighbor is a vet and helped deal with the fowl’s accidents.

After conversations with Mowgli, Swoop was an everlasting a part of their flock.

Matt instructed Daily Mail, “I believe he knew at the first day that Swoop was once circle of relatives.”


At first, kitty cat instincts had Mowgli considering his dad had introduced him without equal dinner. But, with endurance and watchful eyes, Matt and Swoop taught Mowgli the furred can also be buddies with the feathered. “Now, they sunbathe in combination and roll round on their backs in combination.”


“I slowly presented the ones two in combination and I used to be simply in reality shocked the cat got here to find it irresistible.”


A Friendship of Necessity

On occasion Mowgli will get frustrated with Swoop’s loud screeches and the fowl’s fascination together with his tail. Nonetheless, the cat and fowl are a decent pair.

“They’re kind of best possible friends and so they simply hang around with every different always. Generally they’re simply roaming round in combination; the fowl’s mendacity on his again and cuddling with the cat.”



Being a magpie, Swoop is a part of the crow circle of relatives and very smart. Matt says he’s frequently shocked through his fowl good friend’s antics. One instance? Suave Swoop makes use of the cat door with Mowgli.

The foolish fowl additionally is aware of the right way to pull off the very best picture bomb…


On serving to to forge the odd friendship, Matt warned, “I don’t assume it’s a good suggestion to head out and discover a magpie however on this example it had to be performed – he would have died another way.”

Mowgli and Swoop are his pals and does the whole thing he can to stay them each wholesome and satisfied.


Swoop travels in all places with Matt, even into town to consult with Matt’s dad and assembly Swoop got here at an excellent time. Matt’s dad is experiencing a bit of of a troublesome time protecting Matt in a state of concern just lately. The enjoyment he present in his friendship with Mowgli the cat and Swoop the magpie is an surprising satisfaction.

Their friendship delights us too!

H/T: Daily Mail
Characteristic Symbol: @swoopandmowgli/Instagram


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