The time period ‘poodle cat’ can sound like an oxymoron on first listening to it. Finally, a poodle is a canine now not a cat, proper?

Marvel! Inside the cat realm, there exists a cat with the curly coat observed on poodle canines. And naturally, the curly kitty cats are superbly cute.

Whilst known as ‘poodle cats’, the true breed identify is the Selkirk Rex.

In the event you’ve by no means observed one, you’re now not by myself. They’re a fairly new breed within the cat global, however one people cross loopy over. From their distinctive cat curls to their loving personalities, the Selkirk Rex is a smart circle of relatives cat that may spark interest in everybody who meets them.


A Spontaneous Quirk of Genetics

The primary poodle cat used to be born in 1987 at a Montana animal refuge close to the Selkirk Mountains of Wyoming. On the time, the display Moonlighting used to be successful around the country and the kitten’s curling fur resembled receptionist Agnes DiPesto’s hair at the display. Leave out DiPesto the kitty cat garnered plenty of consideration in addition to the interest of cat breeders.


Persian cat breeder, Jeri Newman, followed and bred Leave out DiPesto together with her black Persian tom. Lots of the kittens from their clutter sported the kinky fur, making it simple to think the gene answerable for the odd curls used to be certainly a dominate trait.


As no different of those poodle cats existed sooner than, Leave out DiPesto’s curly fur came from a mutation considered spontaneous. However from this primary Selkirk Rex got here generations of curly-coated cuties. Recently, the road is 9 or ten generations deep.


When the breed was declared by the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in 2012, the curly cat used to be dubbed the Selkirk Rex in honor of the area of Leave out DiPesto’s beginning. The Selkirk Rex joined the already established Cornish Rex and Devon Rex throughout the Rex breed. One of the most defining components of Rex cats is their curled or wavy fur. The genetic quirk additionally provides Rex cats the prospective to have wild curly whiskers too.


The genetic twist within the Selkirk Rex applies to fur texture and now not coloring or patterning. Which means curly hair cuties may also be any colour of the cat rainbow.

Peculiar Look, Loving Hearts

The International Cat Association likens the Selkirk Rex to a teddy endure, one “you simply need to select up and hug.” Sometimes called “a cat in sheep’s clothes”, poodle cats are as lovey as they’re adorable. TICA profiles the breed as:

  • Loving
  • Affected person and tolerant
  • Laid-back
  • Playful
  • Nice for households

Whilst wearing a low-maintenance persona, their fur is anything else however. The “messed up” glance of a poodle cat comes from its thick, textured fur, this means that grooming is a should. Poodle cats are excellent for households with who will decide to preserving their kitty brushed and mat-free.



Unfortunately, Selkirk Rex cats aren’t advisable for the ones with cat hypersensitive reactions and even slight sensitivities. All that luscious fur can wreak havoc at the nostril.

However, even supposing cats make you sneeze, you’ll be able to nonetheless enjoy pictures of poodle cats because of the web populous’ obsession with the curly-furred cutie cats.

Function Symbol: @stacie_lawrence/Instagram


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