Many puppy oldsters want their canine or cat may reside eternally. Alternatively, Huang Yu believed that he had in reality discovered a method to permit his cat to stay on residing even after he gave up the ghost.

Garlic used to be Yu’s British Shorthair cat. He used to be handiest 2 ½ years previous when he gave up the ghost from an unnamed sickness, so in fact, Yu used to be devastated. He didn’t wish to pass on with out his liked cat, which is why he determined to make an actual clone of him.


Yu felt in charge for now not bringing Garlic to the health center in time previous to his dying. He had such a lot of regrets, so he sought after to offer Garlic a brand new likelihood at existence.

Symbol: Screenshot, South China Morning Post YouTube

Sinogene is a Beijing-based puppy cloning corporate that used to be in a position to clone Garlic. They’ve cloned over 40 other puppy canine sooner than, together with the primary cloned police canine. Alternatively, Garlic used to be their first actual cloned cat.

Cloning cats is a troublesome procedure. The scientists needed to inject cells from the deceased cat into an embryo. Then, that embryo used to be transferred to a surrogate cat.

This surrogate cat carried the kitten for 66 days, after which the clone of Garlic used to be born thru herbal delivery. Alternatively, the scientists had to apply this clone for a couple of months first to make sure that he used to be in excellent well being and now not other from different kittens.


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