Welcome to our common “Ask the Cat Document With Dr. Lynn Bahr” section! As soon as a month, Dr. Bahr solutions as a lot of your questions as she will be able to, and you’ll depart new questions for her in a remark.

Dr. Bahr graduated from the College of Georgia School of Veterinary Drugs in 1991. Not like maximum veterinarians, she didn’t develop up understanding that she would turn into a veterinarian. “It was once a cat who were given me within the apply and I’m eternally thankful to him,” stated Dr. Bahr. Over the process her veterinary profession, Dr. Bahr discovered that the way of life of cats has modified dramatically. As the way of life of cats has modified, so did Dr. Bahr’s shopper schooling. Along with discovering clinical answers, she additionally encourages house owners to complement their house environments in order that their cats can are living lengthy, glad, and wholesome lives.

This new working out led Dr. Bahr to mix her pastime for strengthening the human-animal bond together with her veterinary background and data of what animals want and wish to get started her personal solution-based cat product corporate, Dezi & Roo, impressed through two cats of the similar names.

For more info about Dezi & Roo and their distinctive and leading edge cat toys, please seek advice from their website.

Suggestions for cat who’s overgrooming her abdominal

My cat were chewy hair off her tummy for years. Attempted unsuccessfully to seek out motive. Considering whether it is meals hypersensitive reactions, what meals substances would you suggest and/or steer clear of? – Kari Deutschman

Hello Kari, I often see cats who overgroom their bellies and am sorry to listen to that yours does it too. There are lots of imaginable the explanation why some cats are susceptible to try this, and a imaginable meals allergic reaction is only one of them. Different reasons come with interior or exterior parasites, fungal infections like ringworm, urinary tract an infection, stomach irritation or ache, inhalant or touch hypersensitive reactions, or even boredom or tension. I’d suggest a seek advice from to a veterinary dermatologist sooner than you start experimenting your self with other meals. I consider it’s prudent to rule out one of the vital different reasons I discussed above sooner than assuming it’s because of an component within the meals.
If the motive in the long run comes all the way down to a meals allergic reaction, then it can be crucial {that a} managed meals find out about be accomplished as it should be in order that you don’t get started including in a wide variety of proteins that might make an elimination diet tricky to accomplish. Wouldn’t lifestyles be more uncomplicated if our cats may just communicate? Excellent success and please let me know if you’re a success in working out what’s inflicting your cat to overgroom her abdominal.

Maine Coon combine with congenital middle defect

Hi Dr. Bahr, I’ve a 3-1/2-year-old Maine Coon combine who has a major congenital middle defect (a “twin chambered” proper ventricle). He has had a few echocardiograms and the heart specialist says to only “deal with him like a regular cat.” He will get wanting breath every now and then and I will see that he’s often hypoxic – his tongue is extra blue than red as a rule. His shortness of breath (panting along with his mouth open) resolves after a couple of mins of leisure. My query is that he appears to be often uncomfortable, and he hisses on the different cats so much – on occasion hissing simply as he’s strolling via a room. I believe he will get complications or one thing else associated with his low oxygen ranges. This appears to be worsening (no less than, the hissing is extra common than it was once). He doesn’t in fact dislike the opposite cats and steadily performs with them. He was once so laid again! Do you’ve gotten any recommendation for learn how to get him extra oxygen? I’ve regarded into renting an O2 tank however I don’t understand how I’d administer it. My vet (she’s a cat vet) does no longer have any concepts for learn how to lend a hand him with this. Thank you prematurely for any recommendation you’ll give. – Renee Gagnon

Hello Renee, I’m so sorry to listen to that your boy is feeling worse and need I had some pearls of knowledge to provide you with. Sadly, I don’t. If he has no longer been rechecked just lately, I’d counsel a follow-up seek advice from with the heart specialist. Issues can exchange temporarily and it’s imaginable that his situation has worsened. If fluid has gathered in his chest, he would possibly get pleasure from medicines that may lend a hand take away it. He’s lucky to have such an observant and worrying proprietor such as you and it seems like you’ve gotten the precise veterinary group on board that will help you. I’m sending you and your boy therapeutic prayers and hope you are going to stay me up to date.

Will early neutering cut back aggression?

My partner and I’ve a candy feminine tiger kitten, and our son, who lives 2 hours away, has a male part-Siamese kitten who’s an actual “bully boy.” Each are about the similar age, four months or so. Once we seek advice from, with Lucy, the two kittens romp like little toddlers they usually clearly love being in combination. Simon, has already scratched either one of her eyes as he loves hanging Lucy in a headlock and jumping on her. Simon’s vet does no longer wish to neuter him till he’s no less than 6 months outdated, however I worry Lucy can be “in tatters” through then. (She was once already spayed after we rescued her.). I do know they’re enjoying and truly like every different however it’s horrifying to look at. Would it not be destructive to Simon’s well being to neuter him now? Or would that even lend a hand his aggression? Lucy isn’t an unwilling player within the play, however she isn’t as sturdy and muscular as he’s and except she will be able to run away, she is normally pinned underneath his biting mouth and flailing paws. Any tips can be favored. – Pat Hendrickson

Hello Pat, I’m at a loss for words about a couple of issues that you just discussed and am no longer certain why your veterinarian is recommending you wait till Simon is 6 months of age sooner than neutering him, or how he can have scratched either one of Lucy’s eyes. If Lucy suffered from bilateral corneal scratches, I’d suspect one thing extra not unusual like herpes than accidents sustained from enjoying with Simon. It’s not likely he would have scratched each her eyes simply from tough play.

When you had been my shopper, assuming Simon is wholesome, I’d no longer hesitate to neuter him at four months of age. Alternatively, I’d no longer be expecting it to modify his habits, which sounds to me like customary play. Cats at this age are studying many abilities that lend a hand them navigate the sector effectively and he and Lucy are simply having amusing. It’s customary for kittens to play arduous with every different and as you’ve gotten noticed, on occasion it may possibly cross a little bit too a ways. They are going to paintings it out between them and so long as Lucy does no longer appear anxious or intimated through Simon, I’d no longer intervene or interrupt their antics. I’m glad to listen to they continue to be excellent buddies and they’re lucky to have every different to tough and tumble with. In fact, parental supervision is all the time really helpful and I commend you for observing out for the welfare of either one of those kittens.

Has Lucy been spayed? If no longer, I’d suggest you accomplish that quickly. There is not any explanation why to not have either one of those young children altered now sooner than they may be able to reproduce.

Is Daybreak dish detergent secure to make use of on an 8-week-old kitten?

I followed a kitten n she is now at Eight wks outdated. She has little fleas n she is an inside of kitty however the boy cats will have to have introduced them in from out of doors n the canine too. She too little for a collar or flea stuff, I believe. Is Daybreak dish detergent that has the duck on it-blue bottle secure to make use of on kitten for a bathtub? – Deborah Starks

Hello Deborah, Fleas don’t seem to be simply an annoyance however too can transmit critical illnesses, lead to blood loss, and motive pointless pores and skin issues. You’ll no longer best want to take away the fleas out of your new kitten, however it is going to be necessary so that you can additionally deal with your different pets and the surroundings as smartly.

Please discuss with your veterinarian for the right kind merchandise to make use of on your scenario. Too most of the over the counter merchandise are poisonous to cats, particularly younger ones like yours. Alternatively, she is sufficiently old for some oral merchandise you’ll get out of your vet, which is able to temporarily kill any fleas and are simpler than bathing her in Daybreak.

Alternatively, it is going to no longer save you the fleas on your setting from leaping proper again on your whole pets which is why environmental keep watch over is necessary too. I by no means suggest bombs, poisonous sprays, or over the counter collars and like you speak about safer alternatives along with your veterinarian. Upon getting eradicated the issue, it is going to be essential to proceed preventative measures to you should definitely by no means have this downside once more. That may contain ensuring your whole pets are secure.

Is it kidney illness?

Dr. Bahr, I’ve an 11-year-old tuxie feminine that I simply followed 2 years in the past from an area safe haven. Previous this 12 months I had blood paintings and ultrasound accomplished on her as a result of she had began showing hiding habits. The native vet who turns out relatively competent stated she was once in kidney failure. Her BUN degree was once 30 and her Creatinine was once 1.9, which might be nonetheless inside customary limits in keeping with the blood paintings replica I gained. Is she in fact experiencing kidney “failure” or is she merely within the early levels of kidney illness? And how much nutrition do you suggest for her? I’ve long gone on-line to analyze it, however it sort of feels no person concurs with learn how to lend a hand a kitty affected by kidney illness. Additionally, the vet stated her ultrasound confirmed a “snow globe” impact in her bladder. He stated he didn’t know simply what that supposed, if the rest. It’s truly irritating, particularly since she’s this type of candy and cuddly little kitty! – Alice

Hello Alice, Thanks such a lot for adopting an older cat. Your new child is so fortunate to have you ever as her new mother and we want you each many glad years in combination. Whilst her BUN and Creatinine numbers are at the prime finish of standard, they’re just one piece of the puzzle on the subject of diagnosing and treating kidney illness. Figuring out what her urine concentrating skill seems like, in addition to, her phosphorus ranges. frame situation rating, muscle situation rating, urine sediment, and ultrasound analysis are necessary components to imagine when diagnosing and treating kidney illness. With out this knowledge it isn’t imaginable for me to reply to your questions on nutrition as it should be.

In case your veterinarian didn’t know what the ultrasound findings urged, I’d suggest you search a 2nd opinion. Until you’ll be able to diagnose the issue, it’s a lot tougher to unravel the issue.

I’m to understand extra about her hiding habits. I believe it might be because of one thing instead of her kidney values and would search for different reasons. Sadly, with out having the ability to put my palms on her for a complete bodily analysis, I’m really not a lot lend a hand right here both. In all probability it could be in her best possible hobby so that you can search every other opinion to verify one thing else isn’t being lost sight of. Please let me understand how it seems and once more thanks such a lot for bringing this gal into your own home.


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