Few folks hesitate to permit our cats to sleep in our beds with us. If all that stands between happiness and our kitties is a soar onto the bed, why would we are saying no?

A 51-year-old lady who has been affected by Lyme Illness for years has a caution for the ones folks who snuggle up with our cats at bedtime. Lisa Vallo’s signs started virtually a decade ahead of she was once identified 3 years in the past.

Unfortunately, she believes her love for her cat will have brought about the problem.

Lyme illness is brought about through a micro organism carried through the blacklegged deer tick – the similar roughly tick that can from time to time connect themselves to feed on our cats. Those ticks aren’t choosy, they’re satisfied to dinner party on pets or people. The ones folks with pets possibility further publicity, particularly if we now have bushy pals we permit outside.

You might by no means realize the presence of a tiny tick for your frame, however the indicators will develop into glaring inside of three to 30 days. Symptoms of Lyme disease come with fever, headache, fatigue, and a vibrant purple rash that may seem like an oval or a bullseye. With out remedy, the illness can transfer to the joints, middle, and frightened machine, inflicting ache, arthritis, facial palsy, and different critical problems.

Lisa remembers waking up one morning and discovering a tick on her frame. The night time ahead of she had allowed her cat to sleep in her mattress. She informed SWNS:

“I aroused from sleep within the morning and spotted a black dot on my tummy. I assumed it was once some mud or fluff and attempted to scratch it off however I couldn’t. I went into the toilet and controlled to select the dot off with my nail and spotted it had legs and was once wriggling.”


Lisa noticed a number of medical doctors through the years, and was once misdiagnosed through they all till not too long ago. Despite the fact that lab trying out can ascertain a prognosis, Lyme illness will also be overlooked when identified based totally handiest at the signs. As soon as showed, Lyme illness will also be effectively handled in just a few weeks with antibiotics – which makes it all of the extra unlucky that Lisa has been struggling for years.

“There isn’t sufficient experience or exposure about Lyme illness and that’s why I’m talking about it. Hundreds of thousands of folks be afflicted by the illness and don’t learn about it, similar to I don’t.”

Lisa believes she was once bitten through a tick as a result of she shared a mattress together with her cat, however despite the fact that you don’t permit your cat for your mattress there may be nonetheless a possibility. To assist each you and your cat steer clear of ticks, ensure that your cat is on a flea preventative that incorporates ticks, despite the fact that your cat stays indoors.

Test those not unusual spaces continuously for your cat: 6 Places You Might Find Ticks On Your Cat, and don’t be afraid to talk as much as your physician if you happen to enjoy the indications above and assume you’ll have Lyme illness. See the entire checklist of signs for all levels of Lyme illness at




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