So as to make certain that your cat lives the longest, healthiest existence conceivable you will need to perceive the other existence levels your cat will come across. As a puppy mother or father you’ll regulate your cat’s dwelling atmosphere, bedding, toys, and routines to fulfill dynamic wishes. One of the crucial vital concerns you’ll make for your existence in combination is how you’ll meet your cat’s nutritional necessities. The ones will trade at every level in accordance with task degree, metabolic price, power degree, and extra.

Degree 1. Delivery to Four Months: New child a.okay.a. Itty Bitty Loopy Kitty

Your kitten spent the primary 8-Nine weeks of existence nursing mom’s milk, which equipped all of the energy, vitamins, and immunity coverage had to get a perfect get started in existence. Most often kittens aren’t despatched house with their people till after the kitten is weaned. When you get your little package deal of pleasure house, get in a position! Maximum kittens at this level of existence have a sexy predictable regimen. They consume, sleep, run round the home like a fur ball on fireplace after which get started the method once more.

Delivery to Four months for a kitten is similar to the primary 10 years of a human existence!

Your kitty is expending lots of power on this level. Now not most effective does it take vital energy to gasoline all that zooming, mountaineering, and jumping, the frame is rising at an impressively rapid price. Getting the correct mix of vitamins and good enough energy is vitally vital at this level. Your kitten’s meals will have to come with:

  • Fatty acids reminiscent of DHA, usually from fish oil
  • Taurine for immune and digestive machine building, middle well being, and imaginative and prescient
  • Protein from meat assets
  • Calcium for bone well being

Dr. Angie from “I and love and you” says that feeding your kitten canned food that has been watered down across the age of Eight weeks will assist clean the transition from milk to forged meals. “I and love and you” gives all kinds of cat pates and stews which are suitable for all existence levels and come with all the really useful kitten nutrient necessities after which some. You simply want to feed a kitten greater than the really useful grownup serving advice.

Degree 2. 7 months to two years: Junior a.okay.a. Foot Unfastened and Fancy Loose Kitty

Typically, junior cats will nonetheless have power to spare and copious quantities of interest. In case your cat doesn’t pass out of doors, now can be a main time when escapes are repeatedly pursued. It’s completely comprehensible, as your cat is shifting thru youth into maturity.

At 7 months to two years previous, Juniors are the age similar of people elderly 12-27.

Degree 3. Three years to six years: Top a.okay.a I’m the Bees Knees Kitty 

At this level your cat is a bon-a-fide grownup with (every so often) the perspective to check. Your cat has existence all discovered and in reality simply wishes you to acknowledge the inferiority of your species. Cats of their top of the very same age will range extensively on their task ranges. Some will nonetheless experience operating round and taking part in, burning up energy like a kitten. Others will like to sleep in a sunny spot extra continuously than now not. As the one that is aware of your cat higher than somebody, you’ll regulate serving sizes that fit your cat’s task degree moderately than simply feeding the really useful serving in your cat meals.

Cats elderly 3-6 years are the human similar of 28-40 years previous. Top certainly!

Nutritional suggestions are the similar for the junior and top existence levels so they’re integrated right here in combination. From about 7 months to six years of age, meals alternatives in your cat will have to:

  • Be mindful any recognized digestive problems, like a delicate abdomen.
  • Supply suitable ranges of each fats and protein.
  • Comprise taurine.
  • Be served in step with task degree, now not really useful serving dimension at the bundle.

“I and love and you” has all kinds of recipes of each rainy meals and kibble that can attraction in your cat’s urge for food. With recent meat, veggies, fruit, and probiotics the “I and love and you” emblem of puppy meals supplies your cat the very best in vitamin with a style your cat will in finding purr-fect. Your cat will sail thru maturity with power, a sparkly coat, and a wholesome frame by way of consuming “I and love and you” meals.

Degree 4. 7-10 years: Mature a.okay.a. Midlife is Now not a Disaster Kitty

This level of existence most often represents the center of a cat’s existence and past. Your cat will indubitably have an opinion on all issues and might develop into extra assertive in calls for associated with meals. It’s right now that finicky behaviors have a tendency to turn up, in the event that they haven’t already. Cats are brilliantly sensible and know what’s highest for them nutritionally. In case your cat refuses meals, you might wish to suppose it’s for just right reason why and check out a unique emblem or method extra suited in your cat’s wishes and tastes.

7-10 yr previous cats reside within the human similar years of 40 – mid 50’s.

Identical to us, that is the time in a cat’s existence when it turns into more straightforward to realize weight and far more difficult to lose it. It is very important track your cat’s weight, frame situation, and calorie necessities carefully to stay your cat inside a wholesome weight vary. As task ranges lower, the choice of energy wanted lower as neatly.

"I and love and you"

"I and love and you"

Degree 5. 11-14 years: Senior a.okay.a. The Retired Lifestyles Kitty

Your senior cat will proceed to revel in converting calorie necessities and task ranges. At this level, many cats are extra liable to living room round and benefit from the snoozing way of life than to run round chasing toys. The principle distinction at this level is that clinical problems are extra prevalent. Your cat is extra at risk of illness and can in finding it more difficult to struggle sickness throughout the senior years.

A senior cat of 11-14 years is the human similar of 60 – early 70’s.

Nutritional concerns are equivalent for the mature and senior cat. They come with:

  • Adjusting energy in step with serving to deal with converting task ranges.
  • Averting weight problems, which can result in diabetes, arthritis, and different sicknesses.
  • Interesting to a converting urge for food and personal tastes.
  • Making sure your cat is at all times hydrated, as dehydration is extra not unusual in growing old cats.

“I and love and you” has the easiest answer in your finicky eater. Meal Enhancers are a gravy-based pouch of scrumptious meats, nutrients, minerals, and veggies that even probably the most discerning cats in finding utterly impossible to resist. Stay your cat’s converting tastes glad with a unique meal topper each day.

Degree 6. 15+ years: Geriatric a.okay.a. Candy Factor Kitty

As soon as your cat hits the age of 15 or older, you might realize that your cat seeks consideration extra steadily and simply needs to cuddle beside you for lengthy sessions of time. As an impact of the herbal means of growing old, your cat might revel in extra well being issues together with imaginative and prescient and listening to adjustments, weight reduction, and dental problems reminiscent of damaged or misplaced enamel.

Cats who reside to the ripe age of 15+ are 75 and older in human years!

Your aged kitty will want you to stay her comfy and glad whilst consuming. When opting for meals in your older cat, believe:

  • Clinical stipulations that affect the substances your cat can tolerate.
  • Medicines that can make your cat liable to dehydration.
  • Dental issues that make chewing painful.
  • Formulation that experience prime nutrient content material to toughen longevity.

You’re going to now not discover a cat meals emblem that provides higher-quality kibble and rainy meals choices which are extra mild, natural, or fortified than “I and love and you”. Give your aged cat the vitamin had to experience those golden years.

“I and love and also you” Cat Meals Formulation Are Excellent for ALL Lifestyles Levels

“I and love and you” kibbles and rainy meals are produced from top quality actual meat, veggie, and fruit substances which are sluggish cooked to maintain nutrient content material. They’re formulated to fulfill the dietary ranges established by way of the AAFCO Cat Meals Nutrient Profiles for all existence levels so they’re completely appropriate for your whole cats, without reference to age or level.  Best possible of all, they’re made and filled with love. The puppy loving other folks at “I and love and you” began their trade for the affection of their very own pets and now they proportion that love with you. Give “I and love and you” a attempt to see what a large distinction slightly love could make.

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