Even though maximum cat litters available on the market are comprised of clay (each clumping/scoopable and non-clumping conventional clay clutter), cat homeowners display expanding hobby in eco-friendly choices. Those eco-friendly litters are most often biodegradable and comprised of sustainable fabrics (akin to corn, grass and wheat) or
from reclaimed or recycled fabrics, akin to newspaper.

“Any alternative [where] we will divert or reuse fabrics to make stronger our Earth’s sources is a brilliant choice for everybody,” says Tony Piede, senior logo supervisor for Tidy Cats, which makes the paper-based clutter The day gone by’s Information. “The day gone by’s Information diverts used paper and cardboard waste. Paper could also be a subject material that simply decomposes as soon as it reaches its existence cycle finishing touch.”

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Along with being environmentally aware, eco-friendly litters are most often unfastened from doubtlessly destructive chemical substances, and maximum additionally weigh a lot not up to clay litters (an added bonus when wearing them from the auto to your home). Some eco-friendly litters are even marketed to be flushable.

“Whether or not it’s the product itself or the packaging it is available in, producers are evolving to make their merchandise eco-friendlier,” says Tierra Bonaldi, American Pet Products Association puppy way of life skilled. “We’ve observed new clutter pebbles and walnut clutter, so there are certainly new clutter fabrics getting into the marketplace once a year. Litters comprised of (eco-friendly) fabrics are recognized to be much less poisonous and biodegradable, which makes them nice for the surroundings.”

Dr. Jessica Lowe, scientific director of VCA Beacon Hill Cat Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, says that roughly 70% of shoppers ask her about cat clutter. “Issues are filth, scent relief, simply clumps, absorbs urine and value,” she says, including that a couple of quarter of her shoppers ask particularly about herbal or eco-friendly clutter choices. “There is a rise, particularly in comparison to 10 years in the past when I used to be infrequently, if ever, requested,” she says.

It’s herbal for people who find themselves keen on the use of environmentally pleasant merchandise for themselves and their households to take into accounts their pets, too. “There’s a positive sector of customers who search out wholesome, secure and environmentally pleasant merchandise for his or her properties, together with the selection they make within the clutter aisle,” says Jean Broders, senior logo supervisor for Kent Pet Group, producer of International’s Perfect Cat Clutter. “Customers desire a cat clutter this is simple to take care of, long-lasting and cost-effective. They’ll put money into a clutter that plays however recognize the added advantages of wholesome, secure and environmentally pleasant.”

International’s Perfect Cat Clutter formulation are made with whole-kernel corn


Relying at the logo, corn-based clutter is also comprised of corn cobs or corn kernels. Corn cobs are a waste made from the meals {industry} that may differently be discarded, and corn is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Each varieties of corn-based clutter are clumping and scoopable. Corn clutter is comfortable, naturally absorbent and just about dust-free, and nice at controlling odors.

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Contact of Outdoor Clutter is comprised of prairie grasses


Some of the more moderen eco-friendly clutter fabrics, grass-based litters are comprised of grass or grass seed. Along with being renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, grass clutter is very absorbent, clumpable, scoopable and just about dust-free.


Paper clutter, that may be formulated as pellets or as granules, is usually comprised of recycled paper. Whilst reasonably absorbent, paper litters don’t typically clump. This kind of clutter will have to be scooped and adjusted continuously to keep an eye on odors. Paper-based clutter is just about dust-free.


Clutter comprised of floor walnut shells capitalizes
on some other food-industry byproduct that may most often be tossed. Naturally absorbent, walnut shelllitter is just about dust-free and fine-textured, and has a gentle, delightful smell.


Wheat is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, and a few wheat-based litters are comprised of “secondary wheat” (wheat that gained’t be used for human intake). Wheat clutter clumps and may also be simply scooped, and gives excellent smell keep an eye on. It has a comfortable, effective texture many cats like.

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Wholesome Puppy’s Ökocat is comprised of sustainable, herbal wooden fiber


Clutter comprised of pine, cedar and different woods is also formulated as small pellets or granules, or is also effective like sawdust or wooden shavings. Picket-based clutter is usually comprised of recycled lumber {industry} wooden scraps. Pellet wood-based litters are very absorbent however don’t clump. Some finer formulations do clump. Picket-based litters be offering superb smell keep an eye on however will have to be continuously scooped and changed.

Eco-friendly cat clutter issues

With such a lot of eco-friendly litters to choose between, spend a while researching the differing kinds to search out one who exams your whole containers. “On the finish of the day, clutter merchandise want to supply what the landlord desires whether or not this is smell keep an eye on, anti-clumping, dust-free and an affordable worth level,” Tierra says.
And don’t disregard to take you cat’s personal tastes under consideration, too. Finally, a clutter isn’t value a lot in case your cat gained’t use it. “No. 1 is what form of texture do they prefer,” Dr. Lowe says. “Some cats is not going to use the clutter field strictly as a result of they don’t like how it feels once they step on it. In case your cat loves eco-friendly clutter then nice, but when they don’t, proceed to seem till you in finding the easiest are compatible.”

Past Clutter

Don’t simply prevent with clutter. Cross inexperienced along with your clutter field, scooper or even poop baggage. Disposable clutter containers which might be biodegradable or compostable will let you be excellent to the Earth whilst taking part in more straightforward clutter field upkeep. Maximum are comprised of paper or cardboard fabrics that can smash down when they’ve served their function. Biodegradable clutter pan liners that smash down in a landfill additionally make clutter field cleanup a snap. Or if you’ll’t cross disposable, search for a clutter field made from recyclable fabrics.

For scoopers, check out one made from eco-friendly fabrics or made from recyclable fabrics. When scooping the poop, put it in a compostable or biodegradable poop bag.

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