In the event you’re pondering of adopting a kitten, whether or not 3 weeks outdated or six months outdated, he’s going to require proper nutrition and care. Feeding grown cats can look like a more effective job, however figuring out how a lot to feed a kitten is usually a bit extra complicated. Right here’s how a lot to feed a kitten:

How A lot to Feed a Kitten — From Birth To Four Weeks

A newborn kitten in the palm of a human hand.

If a mama cat isn’t round or gained’t deal with her new child kittens, they’ll should be hand-fed. Pictures by way of Branislav Ostojic/Thinkstock.

Mama’s Milk: With a bit of luck a kitten remains to be together with his mom throughout this time. However, even so, there may also be issues. If the mummy cat refuses to nurse, have the vet take a look at her out. She will have mastitis or one thing, making nursing painful.

Hand-Feeding: If the mummy cat refuses to deal with her kittens, you’ll must bottle feed the kittens. One emblem of kitten milk, KMR, may also be discovered at main puppy retail outlets. Your vet might also have a proposal for a system. If in any respect conceivable, it is necessary for the kittens to nurse for a minimum of the primary two days.

How A lot to Feed a Kitten — From 4 to 8 Weeks

Weaning kittens: It is a slow procedure. Give the kittens a mix of dry kitten food (one phase) combined with cat milk substitute (3 portions) or rainy kitten meals (one phase) and milk substitute (two portions). Regularly scale back the liquid.

How a lot to feed a kitten — From Two Months To Three Months

Cat Meals: Kittens must be feeding only on kitten meals by way of 10 weeks at the most recent.

What to feed kittens at the moment: All through this time, kittens expand their meals personal tastes which can stick with them for lifestyles. Wet food or dry food is as much as you. Most effective in particular cases made up our minds by way of your vet must you give a kitten dietary supplements.

How a lot to feed a kitten agenda at two to 3 months: Kittens this age must be fed a minimum of 4 occasions an afternoon as a result of their stomachs are too small to include the vital quantity of meals for dietary wishes when much less continuously. Rainy meals must be refrigerated between feedings after which warmed up. Dry meals may also be omitted for kittens to free-feed. Combine just a little water within the dry meals in case your kitten isn’t attracted to it.

How A lot to Feed a Kitten — From 3 Months to Six Months

Regimen: Kittens begin to in point of fact recognize regimen throughout this time. Make certain your kitten meals is in a quiet, secure position and don’t transfer it round.

What to feed a kitten at the moment: Test your kitten meals label. It must have a assured research of key substances together with the minimal fats and protein and the utmost fiber and moisture. Cats and kittens can expand issues from too little protein of their nutrition. Stay your kitten’s nutrition consistent — don’t transfer meals except vital.

How a lot to feed a kitten agenda at 3 to 6 months: Towards six months, you’ll start feeding your kitten thrice an afternoon. It’s very best to weigh your cat each and every week and regulate quantities accordingly.

How a lot to feed a kitten who’s 3 months to 6 months outdated: 1/3 to one cup at every feeding.

How A lot to Feed a Kitten — From Six Months to a Year

Feeding cats: Despite the fact that your kitten may continue to grow after a year, they’re normally thought to be cats by way of then.

What to feed cats at the moment: Your cat’s food must, once more, include ok protein because it extremely digestible to cats. Additionally, search for taurine and arginine — those are very important amino acids. Maximum vets suggest in opposition to a vegetarian nutrition as cats are strict carnivores. As a grown cat, he has a number of possible choices for meals:

  1. Dry meals: There are lots of manufacturers in the marketplace. There also are particular meals for particular issues corresponding to hairballs and urinary tract infections.
  2. Rainy meals: Some cat house owners really feel that is very best as a result of it’s decrease in carbs than dry meals. In addition they really feel cats have much less of a possibility of weight problems with rainy meals. But it surely has been discovered there’s no actual distinction between a dry or rainy meals nutrition.
  3. Raw food diet: Proponents really feel this very best approximates a cat’s nutrition within the wild. You’ll both make your individual or purchase a uncooked meals nutrition. The hot button is to make sure your cat will get the entire required vitamins. Some other folks upload probiotics (which assist take care of intestinal well being) and supplements (take a look at together with your vet).
  4. Frequency: Two times an afternoon.

How a lot to feed a kitten at this age: Test meals label suggestions.

The Backside Line on How A lot to Feed a Kitten

Understanding how a lot to feed a kitten to insure his expansion right into a wholesome cat is very important. Watch his weight (an overweight cat or kitten could have a dangling abdomen, ribs you’ll’t really feel and, in all probability, a double chin); watch his task degree; and watch his stools. Via specializing in excellent diet from the beginning, you’ll in all probability have a wholesome and robust cat.

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