There’s not anything extra heartwarming than adopting a candy, little kitten and looking at him develop ahead of your eyes. However as exciting as it’s for you, your different cats will not be as satisfied about it — in the beginning, anyway. Preparation and endurance are key to mixing your rising cat extended family. Right here’s what you want to find out about introducing kittens on your different cats.

Cats are territorial

A cat and kitten sniffing each other.

When introducing kittens, understand that cats are territorial. Pictures ©EEI_Tony | Getty Pictures.

If you have already got cats, firsthand that cats are territorial creatures who don’t revel in adjustments of their setting. A part of this tendency is a throwback to their wild days when cats have been hunted by means of different animals, and their meals resources and different sources have been threatened by means of different neighboring cats. Introducing kittens is tricky as a result of a brand new kitten is observed as an intruder by means of your cats, and a possible danger to their meals and drowsing puts.

Don’t be shocked to listen to hisses when introducing kittens on your different cats. My buddy Linda not too long ago introduced house a brand new kitten named Paws. Whilst there have been no hisses from her grownup cat, Kizzy, he did give Paws a smack at the head to let him know who’s boss. Now they’re cuddle and play pals.

Get ready a quiet position

If you get your new kittens home, they’ll really feel beaten and scared, they usually may try to hide below a mattress. In any case, they’re in a brand new position with odd other people and new attractions, sounds and scents. The sight of your different cats may additionally scare them, particularly in the event that they’re hissing on the novices.

Get started the kittens off in a small room, comparable to a rest room, the place you’ll be able to seek advice from with them and they may be able to’t conceal. Convey toys and treats, communicate in soothing tones, and allow them to regulate to their environment and really feel pleased with you ahead of you allow them to discover the entire space. This is able to take a couple of hours or a number of days. Don’t let grownup cats close to the kittens at this level.

Supervise when introducing kittens on your different cats

You could start to realize your kittens and cats enjoying footsie below the door to the kitten’s quiet room. This can be a excellent signal that creation time has arrived! Start introducing kittens on your different kitties with quick supervised periods, the place you dangle the kittens and let the adults come over to satisfy them.

Nostril touches are a excellent signal! You could pay attention a hiss or two, or you can get fortunate. After I introduced Simon house, Boo-Boo kitty demanded to satisfy him right away, and in an instant they began chasing every different up and down the hallway. Quick friends!

Till your cats get alongside effectively with the kittens with out a hisses or threats, have them in combination solely when supervised. Be affected person. It takes time for everybody to regulate and determine the cat pecking order within the family.

Imagine two kittens

Kittens are bundles of boundless power, and having a friend to play with will stay your kittens well-adjusted. Kitten play is how they train every different excellent as opposed to unhealthy biting and play behaviors.

Having kitten pals to roughhouse with one every other will permit them to make use of the ones herbal play behaviors on one every other as an alternative of on you or your different older cats. Your hands and feet will thanks!

One remaining tip when introducing kittens

Damage your new kittens, but in addition give your present cats time with you, too. Differently, jealousy and behaviour problems would possibly pop up. Quickly cats and kitten(s) will transform pals with one every other, and also you’ll have one satisfied workforce.

Thumbnail: Pictures ©kozorog | Getty Pictures.

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