The lyrics have been first printed in an 18th century e book known as Mirth With out Mischief, but when “The Twelve Days of Christmas” have been rewritten by means of fashionable cats, the track can be “The Twelve Days of Not anything however Mischief.” Take a look at our kitty shenanigans model, along side 12 vacation protection guidelines for cats.

1. At the first day of Christmas, my kitty gave to me … chewed up branches at the Christmas tree.

A gray cat hiding in a Christmas tree.

Cats and Christmas timber generally is a unhealthy aggregate. Images © Kenneth Hunter| Alamy Inventory Picture.

Are living or faux, Christmas trees can ruin a cat’s holiday. A toppled tree can weigh down a cat, and herbal needles can also be poisonous or puncture a cat’s abdomen. The most efficient wager for a merry Christmas is a pretend tree in a room kitty doesn’t use.

2. On the second one day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … two damaged baubles beneath my toes.

Two cats with broken Christmas ornaments.

Plastic, non-breakable adorns are a better decor selection when you have cats. Images ©Tibanna | Thinkstock.

Step on a damaged Christmas decoration, and also you’ll be howling like an alley cat. Higher to head with plastic, non-breakable decorations as your cat might mistake decorations for brand spanking new cat toys — it’s Christmas, in any case.

3. At the 3rd day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 3 damaged snowglobes filled with antifreeze.

A gray cat tapping a snowglobe with a snowman inside.

What’s within a snowglobe might be toxic to cats. Images © petographer | Alamy Inventory Picture.

They’re seasonal and beautiful, however a smashed or leaky snowglobe can poison cats, as some comprise ethylene glycol. In case your best Christmas vibe is extra sweet cane than Citizen Kane, stay those festive spheres clear of curious cats.

4. At the fourth day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 4 bitten birds.

An orange cat eating a plate of food.

Human meals like turkey could cause abdomen disappointed — or worse — in cats. Images © Murika | Thinkstock.

Turkey is the center of Christmas dinner, and it may be the epicenter of tom cat gastro misery. Turkey binges result in Boxing Day diarrhea, and chewed-up bones can puncture a cat’s digestive gadget. A chunk or two is ok, however don’t depart your cat on my own with a family-sized platter of poultry

5. At the 5th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 5 colon strings.

Cats often see ribbons on gifts as exciting toys. Siberian cat and Christmas tree by Shutterstock

Cats steadily see ribbons on items as thrilling toys. Images by means of Lubava / Shutterstock.

Tinsel belongs at the Christmas tree, now not in a cat’s butt. Should you suppose your cat ate tinsel or any other sort of string — name the vet. It might be inflicting interior injury. Steer clear of the feared tinsel tail by means of ditching this unhealthy ornament altogether.

6. At the 6th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … six visitors leaving.

A cat with a Santa hat on, sleeping.

The vacations can also be worrying for cats, too! Images by means of vvvita / Shutterstock.

Purple appears to be like festive on Christmas sweaters, however now not when dripping from recent cat scratches. If crowds make your birthday party animal stressed out, stay kitty off the visitor record for everybody’s protection.

7. At the 7th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … seven lighting a-blinking.

A cat relaxing by the fireplace.

Be cautious of vacation lighting — and fireplaces. Images by means of Monkey Trade Images / Shutterstock.

Strings of vacation lighting make for an illuminating recreation of Russian roulette for chew-happy cats. In case your lighting get started blinking after they’re now not intended to, take a look at for tooth marks. Save you your cat from getting zapped by means of hiding cords or opting for lower-voltage or rope-style lighting.

8. At the 8th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … an empty glass (and a case of fuel).

A cat by a fireplace with cookies and a cupcake.

Human meals like cookies and chocolates also are poisonous to cats. Images ©JasonOndreicka | Thinkstock.

Cookies and milk ignored in a single day can finally end up in kitty’s abdomen if Santa isn’t sooner. Sadly, cats can’t digest sugar and dairy in addition to Saint Nick. Possibly be offering Santa water as a substitute?

9. At the 9th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 9 lives’ value of concern.

A kitten hissing with his ears flattened back.

A kitten hissing along with his ears flattened again. Images ©Ornitolog82 | Thinkstock.

Severely, Christmas with a cat is worrying!

Really struggling with the holiday blues? Here’s how to beat holiday depression WITHOUT medication >>

10. At the 10th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 10 unwrapped items.

A cat with a wrapped holiday gift.

Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons can imply problems for cats. Images © Symbol Supply | Alamy Inventory Picture.

Wrapping paper is a laugh to scratch, however the bows and ribbons on a present field can tie a kitty’s guts in a knot. It’s easiest to stay gifts beneath wraps till the large day.

11. At the 11th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 11 false flora.

A cat with poinsettias.

Lilies, holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are all poisonous to cats. Images ©JasonOndreicka | Thinkstock.

Some name them cheesy, however plastic preparations are a cat lover’s bouquet. Actual Christmas lilies are deadly to cats, as are holly and mistletoe. Even though now not as unhealthy, poinsettias can still ruin a kitty’s Christmas.

12. At the 12th day of Christmas my kitty gave to me … 12 unplanned kittens.

A group of kittens.

A gaggle of kittens. Images by means of Cherry-Merry/Thinkstock.

That’s what an intact cat’s gonna come up with. Not anything says “Merry Christmas” like a present certificates for a spay or neuter!

It is going to look like vacation celebrations and cats don’t combine, however so long as you are taking care to catproof your Christmas, there’s no higher aggregate. Protected decorations and provide precautions imply a Christmas morning spent enjoying with the cat toys Santa introduced, as a substitute of visiting the vet’s administrative center.

Heather Marcoux is a contract author and mother to the Christmas tree wrecking group referred to as Ghost Cat and Specter. You’ll observe their yule misadventures during the @ghostpets Instagram account. Mother is on Twitter, @HeatherMarcoux. All her Christmas adorns are plastic.

This piece was once initially printed in 2017.

Thumbnail: Images by means of Casey Elise Images.

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