Savvy cat guardians know that to prevent cats from scratching furnishings, one should supply correct stimulation and alternatives for scratching. Cats love smartly designed scratching posts, and the position of such choices to furnishings could make all of the distinction. I’ve performed this, and my cats don’t hassle my new furnishings in any respect.

Cats also are artful about discovering choices to scratching posts. My feminine Jamie likes to sharpen her claws in this plastic non-skid base for the cat water bowls. Its little stubs are simply stiff sufficient to give you the texture that she likes.

What if we took that idea in the other way? Are you able to select furnishings that cats received’t scratch? In particular, I puzzled whether or not furnishings containing extra laborious surfaces would do that, or furnishings whose cloth has no “nap” (or glaring texture). There’s additionally microfiber. My husband and I purchased a microfiber sofa, and the cats display no real interest in it.

I requested a number of furnishings mavens and were given loads of concepts. Responses various, and a few contradicted each and every different. Regardless, you’re going to most probably get some concepts for what to check out.

Cats received’t need to scratch furnishings with complete upholstery and recessed legs

A tired or grumpy cat sleeping on the arm of a couch.

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Sean Juneja, co-founder and CEO of Decor Aid, provides this tip: Search for absolutely upholstered items with picket or steel recessed legs.

“The most productive materials are ultrasuede and leather-based, as a result of a cat can’t claw into those,” Juneja mentioned.

Keep away from materials that snag simply, comparable to tweeds. It’s additionally tough to take away puppy hair from these kind of textured materials.

Requested why complete upholstery is vital, Juneja mentioned it assists in keeping cats from clawing from any picket at the furnishings.

“Whilst maximum want one thing they are able to shred, there are cats that want picket,” Juneja mentioned, and recessed legs aren’t available as a result of they’re hidden and smaller.

Those leather-based and steel chairs at the side of a steel espresso desk paintings smartly for the buyer who owns a cat.

Those chairs are coated with ultrasuede.

Ultra suede chairs that your cats won't want to scratch.

Picture by the use of Decor Help

And here’s a leather-based sofa and steel tables.

A leather couch that your cats won't want to scratch.

Picture by the use of Decor Help

Cat homeowners must make a choice furnishings that holds its put on smartly

Chandler Elmore of Kuni Furniture had identical recommendation on opting for furnishings that “holds its put on smartly,” even though he used to be much less certain about leather-based.

“The extra a work has of glass, metalwork and picket, it is going to put on higher than leathers and suedes, which might be normally first rate fabrics,” Elmore mentioned.

He identified that the “absolute worst fabrics for furnishings” come with chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk and tweed.

Any other professional advocates for leather-based, skinny rugs and cat furnishings

Donna Arbietman of Magnolia Brook mentioned she will get many questions on cats and furnishings, and that whilst each and every cat is other, she provides those tips:

  1. Cats typically don’t appear to love leather-based up to different fabrics. “Leather-based is straightforward to scrub and deal with, so it’s at all times a protected guess.” Arbietman prompt making use of scratch guard to the leather-based.
  2. Shaggy and jute rugs are the “highest playground for cats to trim their nails on and feature amusing, so persist with thinner rugs with much less hair.”
  3. Supply your cats with cat posts and a cat mattress within reach. “When cats have their very own furnishings, they’re going to be much less vulnerable to damage yours.”

Cat oldsters must select chenille as opposed to microfiber

Mike McCann of Wholesale Bar Stool Club says skinny microfibers, which might be regularly the least pricey pieces, are simply torn up by means of cats with claws.

Microfibers are supposed to be simply wiped clean of stains and spills, no longer undergo punctures or final for prolonged sessions of time,” McCann mentioned.

He mentioned he believes that with cats, a chenille fabric is absolute best: “It’s harder and can face up to extra abuse from animals. It can be a bit more difficult to scrub, however it is going to live longer than its less expensive microfiber counterpart.”

This contradicts the recommendation of Kuni Furnishings’s Elmore above.

Relating to furnishings, cat homeowners must stay it easy

In the end, Tamalpais NatureWorks recommends modular furnishings manufactured from picket and metal joinery. William Callahan calls it the arena’s healthiest and best possible to deal with furnishings for folks and pets.

“If a kitty (or a canine) destroys a desk leg, simply put a brand new one instead,” Callahan mentioned.

None of this furnishings is upholstered, making it simple to scrub and service.

The base line on furnishings that cats received’t scratch

Now not each and every piece of recommendation will paintings in each and every state of affairs. Those furnishings execs had many concepts, together with two that contradicted one every other. We all know that cats range too — some cats would possibly claw leather-based, some would possibly no longer.

Let us know: Do you have got any ingenious concepts or recommendation for opting for furnishings that cats received’t scratch? What furnishings have your cats scratched and what furnishings have they left on my own?

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