On the subject of cat clutter, there are such a large amount of differing types to choose between. Many clutter manufacturers are constructed from two particular clutter varieties: crystal and clay. Certain, many cat oldsters are accustomed to clay clutter, however how a lot do you in point of fact learn about the benefits and drawbacks of it? How are you aware which clutter is perfect in your cat? Fortunately, iHeartCats has partnered with PrettyLitter, who has helped percentage a few of this really useful data with you.

Crystal vs. Clay Clutter

To perfect perceive the variations between clay and crystal clutter, it’s essential to take a look at the entire other facets of it. How lengthy it lasts and smell keep an eye on are two of a very powerful issues to search for when opting for a clutter.

Clay Clutter

Clay clutter is most likely the preferred clutter available in the market, however that doesn’t robotically imply it’s the most suitable choice. Many cat oldsters select clumping clay clutter as it’s the kind of clutter they know probably the most about and it’s the oldest sort in the marketplace. This kind of clutter is made with sodium bentonite, which is a herbal clay that swells up when it comes into touch with moisture. 

Since clay clutter has been round see you later, many cat oldsters consider it’s probably the most handy selection, however it’s if truth be told heavier and must be modified incessantly. Additionally, what many cat oldsters don’t notice is that it would additionally create different issues in your cat. In case your cat ingests the clumping clay clutter, it would swell up within them, inflicting an interior blockage. Cats step of their clutter and lick their paws steadily, so it is a critical worry for households the usage of clay clutter.

Clay clutter is in most cases somewhat dusty as smartly, and it’s now not as absorbent as crystal clutter is. This may purpose it to be messier and now not ultimate as lengthy. So, simply since you’ve used clay clutter all your lifestyles doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t make a metamorphosis.

Crystal Clutter

Crystal clutter is made with silica gel beads, which can be cast granules of sodium silicate. Those debris have microscopic pores, permitting them to soak up just about 40 occasions their weight in moisture. For the reason that beads are so porous, they absorb the liquid within the kitty clutter exceptionally. 

When your cat makes use of crystal clutter, the clutter absorbs the entire moisture. When the urine comes into touch with the silica gel beads, their pores lure the entire smell at its supply after which do away with the moisture to stay your cat’s clutter long-lasting. You gained’t have to fret about your visitors smelling the clutter field anymore with crystal clutter. 

Crystal clutter has nearly no mud, which means that that it’s kinder to folks with allergic reactions. It could actually additionally save you cats from creating bronchial asthma, and it’s indisputably more uncomplicated at the lungs of cats that have already got bronchial asthma. Plus, crystal clutter isn’t categorised as a carcinogen to people or cats, and it’s non-toxic if ingested.

Crystal Clutter Myths

Since numerous cat oldsters are unfamiliar with crystal clutter, there are numerous myths and misunderstandings about it. Then again, it’s time to place those rumors to leisure.

It’s Bad for Cats

There are some not unusual misconceptions in relation to crystal silica clutter since the time period ‘silica’ steadily confuses folks. The silica gel in crystal clutter steadily will get perplexed with crystalline silica, which has been categorised as a human lung carcinogen and has hazardous well being results. 

Crystal clutter is NOT made with crystalline silica. It’s made with silica gel, which is an amorphous silica that’s non-toxic. There are not any hazards related to amorphous silica. Actually, it’s very similar to the silica gel packets discovered with meals, which can be there to stay the goods recent and save you them from getting soggy. The explanation the ones packets say “don’t devour” on them isn’t just because they’re now not meals, now not as a result of they’re damaging.

It’s Handiest Excellent for Older Cats

Some cat oldsters additionally think that crystal clutter is simplest ultimate for cats of positive ages, particularly older cats. Then again, like maximum cat litters, crystal clutter can be utilized for all cats. Actually, it’s highest to begin the usage of crystal clutter when your cats are younger. That means, you don’t have to fret about transitioning their clutter in a while. 

Then again, you probably have an grownup cat at house and also you’re taking a look to change their clutter, that’s k too! Some cats will also be choosy in relation to the clutter they use, so a transition will paintings perfect for many cats. As a substitute of switching their clutter abruptly, get started through blending the previous and new litters in combination – about 75% new clutter and 25% previous clutter. This may assist your cat modify, and they won’t even notice there’s a distinction while you in spite of everything transfer to just crystal clutter.

It’s Extra Dear

Everybody likes merchandise which are reasonably priced in worth, so cat clutter isn’t any other. Then again, many cat oldsters think that crystal clutter is costlier with out doing the maths. In fact, each emblem of kitty clutter is other, however total, crystal clutter is steadily similar and even less expensive as it lasts for much longer. One small bag of crystal clutter could be the similar worth as a bigger bag of clay clutter, however you’ll nonetheless get your cash’s value with the crystal clutter on account of its sturdiness.

As an example, 1 bag of PrettyLitter prices $22 and offers 6 kilos of crystal clutter that can in most cases ultimate a one-cat family 3-Four weeks. That’s the identical of about 25 kilos of clay clutter, which is how a lot is generally utilized in a unmarried month.

Commonplace ‘Ask a Vet’ Questions

While you check out the rest new along with your cat, there’ll at all times be well being considerations that can stand up. So, listed below are some not unusual questions in relation to your cat’s clutter.

How Does Crystal Clutter Remaining So Lengthy?

Many cat oldsters are baffled through the truth that crystal clutter can ultimate see you later. It virtually turns out magical. The explanation it will probably ultimate some time is on account of how absorbent the items of clutter are because of the microscopic pores of silica gel. The clutter absorbs the odors and gets rid of the moisture, so so long as you scoop the poop, the clutter can keep excellent for as much as a month.

Then again, crystal clutter can simplest ultimate that lengthy if it’s used correctly. One of the best ways to make use of it’s to discard the feces day by day and stir, shifting the clutter from bottom-to-top and side-to-side. This may assist the clutter ultimate the longest as it is helping the entire crystals perfect do away with moisture and lure the smell. For non-clumping crystal clutter, it’s essential now not to take away any clutter to assist correctly deal with the intensity. Differently, urine swimming pools on the backside of the clutter field may shorter the clutter’s utilization lifestyles.

What are Commonplace Well being Problems Associated with the Clutter Field?

As discussed previous, one of the most greatest well being problems associated with the clutter field is the sodium bentonite that’s present in clumping clay litters. Eating clumping clutter may cause the clutter to clump within your cat, which is a horrifying factor to consider!

Additionally, mud is every other not unusual well being downside in relation to the clutter field. Litters which are very dusty may cause breathing problems for each cats and people. Litters with plenty of mud will also be the reason for tom cat bronchial asthma. Fortunately, crystal litters like PrettyLitter will also be more secure in your hairy buddy!

How Can PrettyLitter Track Cat Well being Issues?

On the subject of opting for cat clutter, it’s essential to verify it tests the entire packing containers in your cat. With PrettyLitter, a well-liked crystal clutter emblem, it’s now not simplest the most productive in smell keep an eye on, comfort, and sturdiness, however it will probably additionally observe your cat’s well being! 

This innovative cat clutter can point out some not unusual cat well being issues like UTIs and bladder stones sooner than it’s too past due. If one thing’s mistaken along with your cat, the clutter will alternate colours to provide you with a warning. Cats will also be nice at hiding their well being issues, so it’s essential to be alerted about any considerations sooner than they aggravate.

Are you able to change to a clutter that’s secure and handy whilst holding tabs to your cat’s well being? Then, transfer to crystal clutter through opting for PrettyLitter! We’re proud to have PrettyLitter as our sponsor, so you’ll be able to now get 20% off your first month with the code BESTPET20!


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