At seven weeks previous, kittens must most effective know love and safety. At a time when a kitten must be finding the arena via play and mischievous adventures, Smurf skilled terror and ache by the hands of merciless people. Dyed pink and coated in gaping accidents, the tiny kitten was once discovered at the facet of the street and brought to the San Jose Animal Shelter.

As an alternative of euthanizing the sickly kitten, they contacted the Nine Lives Foundation of Redwood Town, CA, for lend a hand.

The 9 Lives Basis took fee of the tiny kitten, fearing he may now not live to tell the tale the abuse he’d continued. Stained head-to-toe in pink dye, the gray kitten was once coated in wounds equivalent to bites. 9 Lives founder and veterinarian Dr. Monica Rudiger suspects Smurf was once used as a chunk toy for a bigger animal.

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Dr. Rudiger instructed ABC News, “I imagine that, for any individual’s amusement, this kitten was once used as a chunk toy for his or her canine.”

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As soon as Smurf arrived at 9 Lives, his fur was once shaved to take away the dyed and raveled hair, exposing scars and wounds short of remedy. Weighing in beneath two kilos, Smurf had an extended highway to restoration. However with the assistance of personnel and volunteers on the 9 Lives Basis, the kitten would develop more healthy and more potent on a daily basis.

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 Two Cats Who Had It Tough Now Have Every Different

Whilst Smurf was once housed with 9 Lives, the root skilled a scarcity of kennels. As Smurf was once nonetheless a tender cat at the mend, personnel idea it may well be excellent to have him proportion his mattress with Wanda, a blind cat who wanted love too. The 2 kitty cats turned into circle of relatives that first evening.

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The 9 Lives Basis reported, “She was once positioned in the similar cage as SMURF on her first actual day and has develop into bonded with him. We can ship them into foster care in combination subsequent week 🙂 and sure they are going to be followed in combination!”

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In combination, the pair healed.

9 Lives Basis/Fb

The kitties remained in months of foster care, their bond tightening on a daily basis. To make certain the pair remained in combination, some of the veterinarians taking good care of the gray kitten and tuxedo cat followed the kitty cats.

A couple of years have handed, however the pair stays in combination and feature grown from scared kittens to wholesome cats.

Smurf and Wanda/Facebook

It took months for the dye that remained in Smurf’s fur to develop out. Smurf’s coat got here in lush and smoky grey. He’s without a doubt a good-looking guy.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook


Wanda and Smurf are each loving kitties who were given 2nd possibilities at existence due to type hearts and their arduous paintings. Rescue personnel and volunteers are heroes to cats all over!

Function Symbol: Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook


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