As we all are aware of the cats throughout the globe and there are bulk of breeds of cats. I believe everyone has different breeds or seen them on the internet or someplace. There are approximately 71 different breeds of cats available throughout the world according to study but I don’t think it’s an appropriate figure because there are a lot of them.

In today’s topic, I’ll tell you about the most common types of the breed that is Persian Cats, Punch face Persian Cats, Belgium Persian Cats, Savannah Cats, Bengal Cats, Munchkin Cats, Siberian Cats, Munchkin Cats, Abyssinian Cats, Shumalian Cats, Bombay Cats, American Short Hair Cats and so on.

Every breed is different and probably their behavior would be different too but all of them are loved by there owners. Every Cat is unique in its own way. I believe most of us have Persian cats and are anxious to know about different breeds. I’ve even seen people loving wild cats and I’ve also seen people hating Persian cats but the point is every breed deserves love.

I myself have Belgium Persian with long hairs and I love her so much because she’s so loving all the time. If your cat isn’t loving you it means she needs your little time and love for her. Before the Persian Cat, I was having Savannah but unfortunately, she died naturally and still I’m really sad for that incident. Savannah was so loving I couldn’t even think about petting other cat but to recover my sadness I brought another baby Persian.

In Conclusion, I would like to say whatever breed you are having whether the breed is loving or not, it would be because of your behavior, deserves respect, and much love. Even Cats have loyalty like dogs and can understand whether her owner is loving her or not. If you love them they would love you more.


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