Every Cat belongs from somewhere and is different in breeds. Just like Persian Cats. They live in every region but this breed belong from Iran, Persia. It is also known as Persian long hair cats in western countries. However, it’s called Shirazi Cat in Iran and other middle east countries. However, I prefer Persian Cats because it’s kind of easy.

Moreover, Persian cats are long-haired, round face, and fluffy. Their average life span is 10 to 15 years depending on its health. About their behavior, they loved being picked up and got hugged because this is a loving breed and expects love in return from the owner.

Persian Cats are available in different colors for example white, blue, brown, and grey whatever color you love. Although, all the Persian cats are very cute. Their small ears, pretty small color rounded eyes, and double-coated hairs with her cute expressions make every owner love her for no reason.

Persian Cats are not aggressive and they are pretty much lazy. And they prefer bitting there owner as a play. And bathing is essential as you want your cat to be fresh and clean just like every other cat. They can wear little glasses and can wear makeup if you want your cat to be a model. They love being loved and getting on toes rolling and sitting in there owner’s lap and getting sleep.

Furthermore, it has pretty good long term memory and can easily recall it’s owner. In Conclusion, I would like to say whatever breed you have whether it’s Persian Cat, Savannah Cat, Bengal Cat, or Belgium Persian every cat deserves love and kindness.


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