The clutter field in your home would possibly have a foul recognition, however a brand new title in kitty clutter is converting the whole lot puppy folks find out about the way to stay cats wholesome. PrettyLitter is the official litter sponsor of iHeartcats, and their innovative kitty clutter isn’t just affecting how other people view clutter bins, it’s additionally saving lives and holding households in combination.

Ahead of PrettyLitter, cat clutter used to be continuously considered a vital evil. A bother. Massive, heavy baggage. The dusty mess. And the scent. Fortunately, PrettyLitter removes these types of issues – even the scent! Absolute best of all, PrettyLitter now not simplest makes existence more straightforward for you, it may make existence higher to your cat, too.

Protected For Your Cat

Let’s get slightly technical for a second. PrettyLitter is manufactured from silica gel crystals – NOT crystalline silica. Those two sound like the similar factor, however that’s the place the similarities prevent. Silica Gel, which is located in PrettyLitter, is non-toxic and non-flammable. Silica gel is totally secure for people and cats. Crystalline Silica, alternatively, could cause harm to the lungs referred to as silicosis. You cat’s well being is our number one fear, so relaxation confident that the usage of PrettyLitter by no means poses any possibility for your cat. In reality, it’s the one clutter that may assist be certain the well being and protection of your pussycat buddy. It’s what impressed the advent of PrettyLitter.

“Having misplaced my cat to an sickness, it used to be a heartbreaking enjoy observing her get sick with no need been in a position to assist her early on. I created PrettyLitter to provide cat homeowners the facility to stay day by day tabs on their cats wellbeing.”  -Daniel RotmanCEO, PrettyLitter

With PrettyLitter, you get peace of thoughts. Our innovative method can sign you to imaginable well being problems ahead of they grow to be main issues. Easy adjustments in PrettyLitter colour will let you know there might be one thing flawed, in all probability saving your cat’s existence. Possible well being problems that may be related to colour exchange come with:

  • Blue Clutter (ALKALINE) – If the clutter turns blue or darkish inexperienced, it will imply your cat’s urine has a prime pH stage. This might sign a imaginable urinary tract an infection. Top urinary pH can result in bladder crystal and stone formation.
  • Yellow Clutter (ACIDITY) – Yellow or orange clutter is a imaginable indication of bizarre acidity, corresponding to metabolic acidosis & kidney tubular acidosis. Low urinary pH can result in Calcium Oxalate.
  • Purple Clutter (BLOOD) – If a puppy mother or father reveals splotches of pink of their cat’s PrettyLitter, it will imply there’s blood within the cat’s urine. This generally is a signal of bladder irritation, bladder stones or a urinary tract an infection.

Much less Clutter, Lasts Longer

Each and every bag of PrettyLitter weighs simply 4-6 kilos, so not more breaking your again as you lug round 20 or 30 pound baggage of clutter. Due to our innovative method, PrettyLitter absorbs and removes moisture, so there’s no wish to exchange the clutter all the way through the month, so you utilize much less. And each and every bag in most cases lasts for one month.

Loose Transport Proper To Your Door

By no means concern about working out of kitty clutter once more. Each and every month, you’ll obtain some other bag of PrettyLitter proper for your door, and transport is loose within the continental US. This forward-looking emblem of kitty clutter is reasonably priced and odor-trapping. Protective pussycat well being hasn’t ever been more straightforward.

Good-bye Smell!

PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless. Extra essential, PrettyLitter, not like clumping clutter, absorbs moisture, getting rid of the urine and trapping the scent. So that you simplest wish to scoop the poop.

Right here’s The Deal! is proud to spouse with PrettyLitter. This wonderful clutter is helping make your existence more straightforward whilst holding tabs to your cat’s well being too. For a restricted time, receive 20% off your first order while you use code IHEARTCATS. So revel in peace of thoughts like by no means ahead of. PrettyLitter is so a lot more than simply clutter. It’s a lifesaver!


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