A part of every sale in the course of the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which is helping enhance quite a lot of charities. Because of shoppers such as you, satisfied endings, like the only beneath, are made conceivable.

Taking care of homeless pets comes at a price. Rescues and shelters are challenged with discovering investment to correctly handle their amenities and the pets of their care. It’s the finances that stay the lighting on. It’s what turns the warmth on within the iciness and the air conditioner on in the summertime. It’s operating water, drugs, and meals.

Heartland Humane Society

Rescue Bank makes monetary burdens a bit lighter through offering fine quality, nutritous meals to shelters. Via giving their pets the meals they want, they are able to profit from their finances in different places. A number of rescues have the benefit of‘s Rescue Bank program – and it’s due to you!

Each time you buy one thing for you, a pal, or your cat from the iHeartCats store, we’re donating foods to refuge cats in want!

Heartland Humane Society

Heartland Humane Society is among the shelters that advantages out of your purchases:


“All the cats pictured got here off of the streets or had been strays seeking to continue to exist within the nation the place they had been left to fend for themselves in opposition to visitors, canines, coyotes and unkind people. A few of them needed to get previous sickness, had litters of kittens that didn’t continue to exist and accidents. They all are thankful to be alive, satisfied and wholesome.

Heartland Humane Society

“All of those footage talk for themselves. They’re satisfied, very wholesome, protected, and neatly fed.

“Because of Rescue Bank those satisfied faces had been ready to be stored and fed; and, we see their gratitude each day. So, passing that gratitude directly to you.”

-Heartland Humane Society

Heartland Humane Society

Your greenbacks can do numerous excellent for refuge cats – and get you cool stuff, too! Take a look at the iHeartCats store for clothes, equipment, and household items that feed refuge pets!

This blouse feeds 14 refuge cats!


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